Netflix Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

When it’s time to relax and watch a movie, the last thing you need is Netflix acting up. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why Netflix might not be working, from server issues on Netflix’s end to problems with your internet connection. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the most common Netflix issues along with solutions to get you back to streaming in no time.

What to Do If Netflix Is Not Working?

1 Connection Issues

The main reason for Netflix disruptions is often an unstable internet connection, which affects streaming quality. To fix this, try:

  1. Check Your Internet Speed: Use an online test to ensure your speed matches your plan.
  2. Restart Your Router: This can refresh your connection.
  3. Limit Network Traffic: Ensure other devices aren’t using too much bandwidth.
  4. Use a Wired Connection: More stable than Wi-Fi, especially if signals are weak.

If issues persist, contact your internet service provider.


Netflix issues often happen when using a VPN or proxy service. Netflix blocks these services to comply with content licensing agreements, restricting access based on geographic location. However, you can regain Netflix access even when using VPN apps. Try VeePN double VPN for this – an advanced security technology that Netflix does not detect as a VPN. This usually works and you can continue watching geo-restricted content. There are also alternative solutions:

  • Disable VPN/Proxy: Temporarily turn off these services and access Netflix directly.
  • Check Terms of Service: Using VPNs or proxies might violate Netflix’s policies, so be cautious.
  • Seek Legal Alternatives: If accessing restricted content, consider waiting for it to be available in your region or find legal options.

3 Netflix Error 12001 on Android

Many Android users face error code 12001 on Netflix due to outdated data. To resolve this, try turning your device off and back on. If that fails, clear the app data. Go to Settings > Apps > Netflix > Storage, then tap Clear data and Clear cache. This should refresh the app and fix the issue.

4 Netflix Server Downtime

A common reason Netflix might not be working is server downtime. This issue can make the service temporarily inaccessible, causing the app to fail to load or show error messages. To manage this, check the Netflix server status on sites like DownDetector, wait for the technical team to resolve the issue, and stay informed by following Netflix’s official social media channels for updates.

Alternatively, you can also use VPN for browsers to switch to other servers. Your online VPN website allows you to freely change servers. If this is a global issue, VPN won’t help, but for local server failures – a working story.

5 Corrupted App Data

Netflix stores temporary data and cache to enhance performance, but this data can become corrupted over time, causing crashes and playback issues. To fix this, try these steps:

  1. Clear Cache/Data: Go to your device’s settings, find Netflix, and clear its cache and data.
  2. Restart the App: After clearing the cache, restart Netflix to allow it to create fresh data.
  3. Check for App Conflicts: Ensure no other apps are interfering with Netflix, especially if the issue started after installing a new app.

6 Netflix Error 1012 on iOS

Error 1012 is an iPhone-specific issue that indicates network connectivity problems preventing the Netflix app from reaching its servers. To troubleshoot, restart the app, your device, and your home network. Verify your internet connection with another app or webpage. If the problem persists, reset the Netflix app by going to Settings > Netflix and toggling Reset.

7 Account Authentication Errors

It could be an account authentication issue. If you’re automatically logged out or there’s a glitch during login, Netflix may not start or crash unexpectedly. Here’s how to fix it:

  • Restart the Netflix app to refresh your session.
  • Log out and log back in to reset your authentication status.
  • Ensure your Netflix subscription is active and hasn’t expired or been suspended.

8 Device Compatibility Problems

Facing issues with Netflix on your TV can often be due to device compatibility. Older smart TVs or streaming devices may not support the latest Netflix app. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Check Device Compatibility: Ensure your device is listed on Netflix’s supported devices page.
  2. Update Device Firmware: Keeping your device’s firmware up-to-date can resolve many compatibility issues.
  3. Contact Netflix Support: If you’re unsure about compatibility, reach out to Netflix’s support team for assistance and potential solutions.

9 Netflix Is Not Loading

If Netflix won’t load and you keep seeing the spinning red circle, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Close and restart the Netflix app.
  • Restart your device.
  • Log out and back into your Netflix account.
  • Reboot your router.
  • Update the Netflix app.
  • Sign out of Netflix on all devices.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app.
  • Use a VPN to bypass ISP throttling.


Experiencing issues with Netflix? The solution might be simpler or more complex than you think. Whether it’s updating your app or addressing projector compatibility, each problem has a unique solution. This guide equips you to diagnose and solve these streaming issues. Get back to your favorite shows in no time!

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