How To Detect Hidden Camera In Mirror?

Feel as though you are being observed? Do not discount or disbelieve your gut instinct. Many responders who are concerned about hidden cameras in their accommodations, such as Airbnb, frequently ask ‘How to Detect Hidden Camera in Mirror.’

Hidden cameras have been used in several instances worldwide to violate people’s privacy, which is against the law and unethical. Knowing the many tips and techniques to spot concealed cameras is crucial for your safety.

So, to respond to your concern regarding how to detect hidden camera in a mirror, we’ve curated a list of some helpful techniques to identify a hidden camera in a mirror in this article.

How To Detect Hidden Camera In Mirror?

These are 8 ways to detect hidden cameras in the mirror: let’s get started.

1. Make use of a radio frequency finder near the mirror.

The most precise approach to finding a hidden camera in a mirror is with a Radio Frequency (RF) detector. All hidden equipment that a person might use to record you in a room can be detected by RF finders.

RF finders can pick up the frequencies of the WiFi if the camera is connected to one. The RF finder will alert you that something is hiding in the back of the mirror if you set it close to the mirror. You could better verify that a hidden camera has been installed in the back of the mirror by using the RF finder in conjunction with a torch.

2. Aim to spot any holes or wiring.

If you’re still concerned about how to detect hidden camera in the mirror, try this method. It takes a great deal of preparation to install a hidden camera in a mirror. Wiring is probably required for the camera to draw power from the room.

There may be a strong likelihood that a concealed camera is present if you see the wiring in the room that enters strange places. No mirror should have holes near it or wires coming through the rear of the frame.

3. Use a torch to illuminate the mirror

One way to identify a hidden camera behind a mirror is to use a torch. A powerful torch cannot be avoided by a mirror. The mirror’s reverse side will contain an aperture that houses the covert camera.

You can shine a torch into the mirror to verify your assumptions. For this strategy, you can also use the flashlight on your phone if you do not have a torch.

A lit torch should be held up to the mirror with all the lights in the room turned off. You can see the camera’s reflection in the mirror if there is a hidden camera.

4. Check the mirror’s installation technique.

To detect a hidden camera in a mirror, check to see if the mirror appears to be hanging from the wall or if it is a part of the wall. There is a possibility that a hidden camera is housed inside the mirror if it is a structural component of the wall.

Alternatively, if the mirror is hanging from the wall, you can be certain that it is just a typical mirror. When hanging a normal mirror, bolting is not necessary. You can try to pull the mirror off the wall to see if it is attached to the wall. Also, you can tell if there is a hidden camera within.

5. Put your finger against the mirror.

By pressing your finger against the mirror, you can quickly determine whether a camera is there. Your finger will come into exact contact with its reflection when using a regular mirror.

If the mirror has a hidden camera, you are going to see a space between your finger and its reflection. Because the mirror was made to conceal a camera, which is an obvious giveaway, there is a gap in the reflection.

6. Try the mirror tap test

This is another great way if you want to detect hidden camera in the mirror. A camera needs some room to be installed behind a mirror. In light of this, tapping on the mirror might enable you to determine whether it contains a secret cavity.

Simply tap the glass of the mirror to hear the sound it creates. A hollow noise may indicate that there is something hidden beneath it. Be thankful that there are no hidden things in the mirror if there is no sound.

7. Keep an ear out for any odd noises

To detect the presence of a hidden camera in a mirror, it’s a good idea to use your hearing sense. If you hear noise from a mirror, which ideally should not make any noise, there may be an entrance in the back of the mirror that is home to a concealed camera.

A camera has been hidden in the mirror if you hear a whirring sound coming from it. However, this strategy can be challenging to apply efficiently in noisy environments and calls for keen hearing.

8. Make use of the Glint Finder app

A distinctive mobile software called Glint Finder makes the bold claim that it can find covert cameras behind mirrors. So, if you want to detect hidden cameras, use this app.

You can see a camera lens’ reflection when you use the app to take a photo of the mirror. If it’s difficult for you to see well in the back of the mirror, this app can be useful. This is an effective way to find difficult-to-see hidden cameras in a mirror when used in conjunction with the torch technique.


In addressing your concern about detecting hidden cameras in mirrors, it’s crucial to be observant of anything out of the ordinary. Methodically inspect the entire mirror, giving attention to every section. Keep in mind that cameras typically require a power source, so check for the presence of an electrical outlet nearby.

The importance of questioning whether a camera could be discreetly placed inside a mirror cannot be overstated. Maintaining a healthy level of skepticism in public spaces or hotel rooms is essential for your safety. Always exercise caution, and conduct thorough inspections to ensure your utmost security.


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