How Many People Play Roblox – Worldwide Users in 2024

You must have heard the term “Roblox” buzzing around in recent years. The online gaming platform has taken the web by storm, leaving everyone fascinated. Any clue about how many people play Roblox? We will uncover it in this article.

In 2020, more than half of U.S. youngsters under the age of 16 played Roblox, yet many adults still don’t know what it is. Roblox is not an actual game; rather, it is an online platform where individuals play games designed by other creators, make their own games, and interact with other users. It brings together gaming, social networking, and e-commerce. Roblox games are formally termed “experiences,” and they fall into a wide range of categories.


How Many People Play Roblox?

In 2022, over 52 million users played Roblox online every day, which was 21% more than the previous year. Due to the closure of the Roblox Chinese app in January 2022, there was a minor reduction in its usage. However, Roblox announced that the app will be released after a few transitional steps. Roblox now has 67.3 million active users daily and about 214 million monthly active users.

Some other statistics are as follows:

  1. As of February 2023, Roblox had 214.10 million active users. Roblox surpassed the count of 200 million monthly active users (MAUs) in April 2021.
  2. In February 2023, Roblox received a total of 4.6 billion hours of user interaction.
  3. In 2022, Roblox reported revenues of 2.22 billion dollars.
  4. Almost 50 million “experiences” can be currently found on Roblox, and the platform is being used by 9.5 million creators.
  5. Around 80% of Roblox players are under 16 years of age.
  6. Roblox’s gender breakdown is now nearly evenly split, with 44% female and 51% male participants, with the remaining 5% choosing not to disclose their genders.
  7. Roblox Daily Active Users (DAUs) spend a toat of 156 minutes on the site (2.6 hours).
  8. The most popular Roblox game of all time is Adopt Me!, a pet simulator, followed by the Tower of Hell and Brookhaven.
  9. With 182 million downloads, Roblox ranked second among all mobile game platforms in 2021.
  10. The second-largest proportion of Roblox DAUs, with 13.3 million daily active users, is held by the United States and Canada.


Roblox User Statistics:

Unlike other video games, Roblox appears to have a substantially younger audience. According to Backlinko, 67% of Roblox users are under the age of 16. Just 14% of the participants are supposed to be above 25 years. These young users might potentially get income if they create a game.

There have been about an equal number of male and female Roblox gamers as of 2024. Males tended to play Roblox more frequently in 2016. In the Roblox community, just 35% of users were identified as female.

Maximum Numbers of Players Per Day:

Roblox has frequently received around 20 million logins every day. The maximum number of players ever signed into the site has not been specifically stated by Roblox. Live player counts, on the other hand, put the maximum number at over 30 million logins. Of the 230 million gamers that are thought to be playing, 200 million are still active at least once a month. With all the well-liked game rooms and the option to create your own game, Roblox keeps both kids and teenagers amused all the time.

Max no. of players per day

Who Uses Roblox?

Previously, Roblox targeted teenagers and preteens mostly, with 9 to 12-year-old boys being its biggest and most active audience. Yet, the corporation just announced that its consumers are “becoming old.” Roblox revealed in a shareholder letter that its largest rising demography is 17 to 24-year-old people.

Roblox is well-known all around the world. While players from the United States and Canada have traditionally made up the majority of their user base, the number of European gamers surpassed them last year. Currently, Asia has almost the same number of users as the U.S. and Canada.

Roblox users

Is Roblox Free?

Downloading Roblox is free, and most games on the site are free to play. Users can, however, make transactions within games to purchase upgrades, boosts, apparel, accessories, skins, and other items. Robux, the platform’s virtual money, is used to make in-game purchases.

They may be purchased with actual cash, won, or earned while playing the game. In certain games, users may also barter and sell things to other players. A part of the profit (about 28 cents for each dollar spent) is returned to the game’s designer.

It implies that businesses and creators of all ages can make money if the games they create become successful. It truly elevates user-generated material to an entirely different level.

Roblox is free

How To Play Roblox?

To play games on Roblox, there are some basic and easy steps that you need to follow:

  1. Download and install Roblox Player. Go to the Roblox website using any contemporary browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. Roblox install
  2. A popup will appear telling you that Roblox Player is being installed.
  3. Start the player in any contemporary browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Chrome.
  4. After login into Roblox, go to any experience or game on the Roblox website.
  5. Press the green Play button. game in roblox
  6. A secondary pop-up window may appear, requesting that you choose an application. Choose Roblox and confirm. If you choose to remember your selection, you will not have to repeat this step in the future.


Roblox’s future doesn’t seem grim, with a sizable number of consistently increasing daily active users and the potential to acquire Chinese gamers. Roblox’s architecture is always being worked upon by the developing team to make it more enticing and appealing. It should be noted that because it is especially well-liked by children under the age of 13, its user base is predominantly unprofitable. As many of its customers won’t have access to a reliable source of income, the firm is still having trouble turning a big profit.

Although COVID provided it a tremendous boost, other factors contributed to its success besides the pandemic. The platform represents the start of a new age in communication. Roblox is here to stay and has a head up when it comes to entering the metaverse with digital concerts taking place in the virtual world. We covered how many people play Roblox and other fun facts related to it in this article. Stay tuned for more updates!


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