Top 5 Upcoming VR Headsets in 2024 – With Latest Features

Since the beginning of 2024, people are eagerly waiting for the upcoming VR headsets as the VR industry is at a pivotal point. The VR market seems to have finally burst and is doing well after years of apparent unrest and slow sales.

Unprecedented VR headsets that defy all expectations may become available in 2024. There is a tonne of rivals pushing for market share, whether it’s Apple’s long-awaited announcement of the introduction of its first VR headset or the eagerly anticipated Quest 3 from Meta.

If you’re waiting eagerly for purchasing the next talk-of-the-town VR headset, then this post is exclusively for you. We have curated the most anticipated upcoming VR headsets to be launched in 2024.

Top 5 Upcoming VR Headsets:

These are the 5 upcoming VR headsets you can expect to get your hands on in 2024:

1. Meta Quest 3:

The Quest 3 VR headset is already under development, according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, who also shared this information in an interview with Ben Thomson. It is anticipated to cost roughly the same as the Quest 2 ($300-$500).

Mark Zuckerberg made it official: Meta will introduce a Quest 3 VR headset model in 2024. The Stinson Quest 3 model is the only one with this release date. It’s anticipated that the Ventura Quest 3 version will debut in 2024.

The headset’s computer-aided design will be under the code name Stinson. The Stinson seems to share certain design principles with the Quest 2 model.

As opposed to Fresnel lenses, Stinson is thought to use pancake lenses, which are tiny and light. This would enable the headset to be lighter and thinner than the Quest 2 model.

The Quest 3 is beginning to appear strange in terms of features. Rumor has it that the headset incorporates cameras that support RGB, allowing for full-color Passthrough.

At a recent presentation, Meta said that it had collaborated with Microsoft to add some more functionality to one of its best upcoming VR headsets, the Quest 3. We’re optimistic that the Quest 3 will feature the new Xbox Game Pass connection for games.

2. Apple VR Headset:

In 2023, the first wearable Apple VR headset is anticipated to be released by Apple. The Apple VR, a mixed-reality headset, is scheduled to debut in 2023, and a cheaper model will follow in either 2024 or 2025.

The Apple VR headset will offer facial expression recognition, spatial awareness, skin recognition, and voice control, and various 3D sensing components will be incorporated for recognizing hand movements and things that are close to the wearer. Additionally, there will be built-in speakers.

Although it hasn’t been verified yet, this headset’s operating system may go by the name “xrOS”. With its enhanced display, visual tracking, and world-scanning cameras, the headset might be pricey, costing up to $3,000 or more.

To become acclimated to creating programs that fit with Apple’s design guidelines and for the headgear, developers would need a lot of practice. Apple will have to announce its hardware long in advance of its actual release to do this.

3. Valve Deckard:

Although Valve has not confirmed this, a source indicates that the company may unveil one of their latest upcoming VR headsets, the Valve Deckard, in 2024.

The Valve Index, which features industry-leading audio and tracking quality, has been available for more than 3 years now. Users are, therefore, impatiently awaiting the highly anticipated Valve Deckard.

Scene comprehension, passthrough, head and controller tracking, and hand and eye tracking will all be features of the Valve Deckard VR headset. The inclusion of scene understanding and passthrough could be a hint that the upcoming headset will allow mixed reality.

YouTuber Brad Lynch said on his channel that he had found a few Valve Deckard’s characteristics that were similar to Valve’s Steam VR hub, indicating compatibility with a built-in mobile VR headset.

There are signs that the Deckard will function wirelessly, and the Deckard Dev tools demonstrate lighthouse pairing in a line of code. It will have a smaller structure and a more ergonomic design.

Overall, Valve is making progress with its technological growth, and the Deckard is their most recent upcoming VR headset development. As of now, there is no reliable information about what its price is going to be.

4. Shiftall Meganex:

Shiftall claims that their latest VR headset, Meganex, is currently being produced and will be formally introduced in December 2023. The US and Japan are the product’s initial markets; a later launch in Europe is possible. The upcoming VR headsets cost has not been revealed yet, though.

According to Shiftall, Meganex’s main selling point is its ability to better VR experiences by replacing the cumbersome, low-resolution VR headsets. It appears to be a high-resolution, extremely thin VR headset from what we have seen so far.

It will have an IPD adjustment mechanism and a USB 2.0 DP-Alt and USB-C interface. Pancake lenses will be present and it is estimated that the headset will weigh 250 grams.

It contains an adjustable lens so you can position it anywhere you like, a strap that adjusts for maximum comfort, a 5.2k display, and an XR2 microprocessor.

5. Samsung VR Headset:

In February, Samsung said that they were developing a VR headset that they intended to release in 2024. A test sample bearing the model number SMI120 is currently under development by Samsung.

The next upcoming VR headset by Samsung is most likely a pair of glasses rather than a big, pricey headset. According to the patents, the final product will probably have a sleek, contemporary, cozy, and lightweight design.

The headgear will have broad fields of view, real-time voice recognition, depth mapping, hand and motion tracking, and small, high-resolution displays.

Samsung has collaborated with Qualcomm and Google to develop this VR headset. This project has a lot of potential because three titans of the technology industry are working on it.


These were the upcoming VR headsets that we included in the post and that will provide consumers with an unforgettable virtual reality experience. We hope you liked this post. If you did, let us know by commenting down below. We will be posting more such posts only for you.


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