Top 10 VR Games For iPhone in 2024

Virtual reality games transfer you from the real world into a fantastical setting where everything appears perfect. VR games for iPhones are a fantastic way to explore the virtual world. iPhone users can play virtual reality games from the comfort of their homes.

Apple fans might be shocked to discover how many virtual reality games are available in the vast gaming market. Finding the finest one, though, might be challenging. This is why we made a list of the top 10 VR games for iPhone in 2024 that are appropriate for players of all ages to assist you in making your decision.

Top 10 VR Games For iPhone

Top 10 Best VR Games For iPhone

The best 10 VR games for iPhone have been compiled and listed below:

1. VR XRacer

The popular video game XRacer has a VR adaptation called VR XRacer. In 2016, Trickolla company chose it for the Top 10 list of the best virtual reality games, and thousands of people around the globe praised it.

VR XRacer

There are two ways to play the game: by hand or in virtual reality. More than 5 million people play this easy-to-learn but addictive game globally.

Players will become incredibly addicted to VR XRacer. This game will immerse you in a make-believe universe where everything is stunning thanks to its amazing graphics and immersive 3D experience.

2. Final Kick VR

One of the best VR games for iPhone is Final Kick VR, which lets you experience suspense during the penalty rounds as if you were taking part in a football championship.

Final Kick VR

Playing this spectacular game will allow you to fire with special effects, trick your opponent, make the most amazing saves, perfect your special shots, and win the World Championship.

Players will experience playing against the greatest teams, getting the most amazing goals, and making the most impressive saves, all while experiencing realistic football match graphics.

3. Zombie Shooter VR

In this frightening VR game called Zombie Shooter VR, you’ll enter the world after the apocalypse teeming with ferocious zombies.

Zombie Shooter VR

Simply selecting a weapon by looking at it, followed by looking at the door, will commence the game.

Explore the abandoned subway tunnels after selecting your weapon while keeping a watch out for any threats. Mutants can attack you at any moment; they are present everywhere.

4. Incell VR

One of the most popular VR games for iPhone is InCell VR because of its thrill and unmatched idea.

The meticulously recreated micro world of the human cell is the setting for the action racing game InCell VR, which also incorporates some strategy and bioscience elements.

Incell VR

The game transports you to a make-believe cellular world where everything appears amazing thanks to its stunning graphics and engrossing 3D experience.

5. Sketchfab

With the virtual reality game Sketchfab, you can examine millions of models directly from your smartphone in 3D or in virtual reality mode.


On the Sketchfab platform, you can either look for content you’re interested in seeing or follow numerous content posted by other creators.

With the help of the game, you can travel to any location you can think of, including visiting the dinosaurs, traveling to another country, or even operating in a surgical operating room.

6. House of Terror VR

Do you want to try out a puzzle-based vengeance game? One of the best VR games for iPhone users is called House of Terror VR.

House of Terror VR

In the virtual reality game House of Terror: Valerie’s Revenge, you must saunter through ominous settings filled with creatures and hazards. You just need to figure out the riddles, look for hints, and avoid getting captured by monsters.

7. End Space VR

The space shooting game End Space VR is skillful and enjoyable. You play as the pilot of your very own starfighter, taking out hordes of foes with a missile and laser armament and other weapons while defending meticulous plans and sensitive technology for jump drives from rebel fighters.

End Space VR

Because you must navigate the game by focusing on your intended destination, it is very fascinating. Additionally, when using your phone for virtual reality games, the touchscreen is strapped to your face, so using a controller or keyboard to navigate won’t make any sense. If you own one, the game does allow a separate gamepad.

8. Rec Room

Rec Room is essentially one of the best mobile group VR games for iPhone users. It has the sensation of being the ideal mashup of every virtual reality game you can think of.

Rec Room

There is a lot to see and do in the Rec Room, including airsoft and laser tag. You can alter your avatar and communicate with other participants online. Additionally, you can play any of the numerous mini-games that other users have made for the game.

9. Lamper VR Firefly Rescue

Play as the firefly known as Limber in this VR game. Impressive visuals will bring back memories of some of your favorite childhood video games.

Lamper VR Firefly Rescue

You have to go outside and save the world in the game because spiders have taken over the firefly realm. You must travel to the caves and the woods to find your companions because they have been abducted by spiders.

You will gather power-ups that will enable you to defeat the enemies as you rescue your companions. You’ll become completely enamored with this fantastic game.

10. BattleZ VR

Do you anticipate a challenging game? Try out BattleZ VR, one of the best first-person shooter online VR games for iPhone.

BattleZ VR

Together with your friends, you must defend your house from the zombies and engage in combat with them to gain the upper hand in the battle.

This game has amazing graphics and will let you realistically experience the virtual world. You are going to get hooked on the game.


The newest trend is virtual reality and there are plenty of VR games readily accessible. There are several inexpensive VR players available for iPhone users that make excellent use of the display and internals of your phone.

We have highlighted some of the top VR games for iPhone that will be well-liked in 2024. We sincerely hope you enjoy them and will tell us about your gaming adventures in the comments section below.


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