Amazon Prime Free Trial For 30 Days [Claim Now]

If you want to access the huge library of movies/ TV shows of Prime Video, list to Amazon Music, get your deliveries faster than before, and want more such things without paying anything from your pocket, first you’ll need access to Amazon Prime Free Trial and today, I’m going to show you can get with easy to follow steps.

Just continue reading this article and you’ll know how you can get access to Amazon Prime for free of cost. Let’s get started.

How to Get an Amazon Prime Free Trial in 2024?

Here’s how you can get an Amazon Prime Free Trial:

  1. Visit this Amazon Prime page from any web browser via your mobile or your PC.
  2. Tap on the “Start your free 30-day trial” option from the page.
  3. Select the payment method and click on the “Start your free 30-day trial” option and that’s it. Don’t worry, you will be charged for 30 days.

This is how easy and straightforward to sign up for the Amazon Prime Free Trial.

Now, that you know how you can get the free trial of Amazon Prime, let’s take a look at what benefits you’ll be getting with this service.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership

Here are the Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership you’ll be getting:

  1. Fast Shipping: When you sign up for Amazon Prime Membership, your orders will get delivered on the same day, one day or two days. The best part? These fast deliveries will come free of cost and you don’t have to pay any extra fees for that.
  2. Streaming: When it comes to online streaming platforms, Prime Video from Amazon comes on top which has a huge library of exclusive movies and TV shows. There is no limit on how many movies or TV shows you can watch with Prime Video which means you can watch unlimited content for free of cost.
  3. Reading: If you are someone who loves to read a lot, you’ll have a great time with “Prime Reading” as you’ll get access to unlimited books that you can read on your Amazon Fire Tablet or any other Android or iOS devices.
  4. Exclusive Deals: With Prime Membership, you’ll get access to thousands of exclusive deals on Amazon that aren’t available for non-prime members.
  5. Prime Try Before You Buy: One of the hidden benefits of Amazon Prime Membership is, that you can try some of the products like clothes, shoes, etc before buying. Yes, it is possible to do that with Prime Membership. You can have the product for up to 7 days before returning or keeping it with you.
  6. Amazon Photos: If you have a lot of photos on your device, you can make use of Amazon Photos to store and access from anywhere in the world. The best part? You’ll be able to upload and access those photos in high resolution by keeping their original quality.
  7. Prime Gaming: With Prime Membership, you’ll get access to a free monthly channel subscription on plus in-game content every month. Yes, that’s right. Amazon Prime has something to offer even for gamers.

These are just major benefits I have highlighted here to show the quality of the Amazon Prime Membership. You’ll get a lot more benefits and features with this subscription once you start using this service.

Amazon Prime Plans and Pricing

Here’s how Amazon Prime will cost you:

  • Monthly: If you want to go with the monthly plan of Amazon Prime, it’ll cost you about $14.99 every month.
  • Yearly: The yearly plan of this streaming platform will cost you about $139 per year.

Choosing the right plan completely depends on you. If you have intentions to use Amazon Prime Membership for a short period like a week or two I would suggest you go with the monthly plan. If you want to use the benefits of Prime Membership for a long time, you won’t go wrong with the yearly plan of this service.

Let me remind you that, the pricing I have mentioned above will be effective once the trial period of 30 days is completed. Until then, you can have all the benefits of Amazon Prime Membership for free.

Are there any Amazon Prime discounts for students?

Absolutely, Yes. Amazon has always been ahead of other companies and is offering a huge discount If you are a student.

If you are a student, you’ll have two options to get the discount and they are:

  • Verify yourself as a student via any of your IDs (Passport, Driving License, Identity Card)
  • Enter your First/ Last Name, and the name of your college/ university, and select the year of your graduation.

Once, Amazon confirms that you are a student, you’ll get a 50% discount immediately. As I mentioned above, the regular Prime Membership will cost you around $14.99 per month, and with the student discount, you can get the same benefits for just $7.49. Pretty sweet deal If you ask me.

I have recently written a separate guide with the step-by-step process to claim this discount for Amazon Prime as a student. You can take a look at the previous posts on our site and you’ll get to know everything about it.

Bonus Tip For You: If you are getting qualifying government assistance, then you are eligible to get all the Amazon Prime Membership benefits for just $6.99 per month. Just select the government program while signing up and you’ll get access to this offer. After that, just make the payment and start using the benefits of this service.


1. Is Amazon Prime’s 30-day trial free?

Yes, Amazon Prime’s 30-day trial is free of cost. Even though Amazon will ask you for your credit card details, they will not be charged anything for 30 days. If you want to experience the benefits of Prime Membership for free, this is the best way to get it.

2. Is it easy to cancel Amazon Prime after the 30-day trial?

Yes, it is pretty easy to cancel Amazon Prime after the 30-day trial. All you have to do is, log in with your Amazon account in your web browser, select the Accounts & Lists option, tap on Manage Membership and then click on “End Membership” to complete the process.

3. Will Amazon Prime charge me if I cancel the free trial?

No, Amazon will not charge you anything If you cancel the free trial of the Amazon Prime Membership.

4. How do I get 50% off Amazon Prime?

To get 50% off Amazon Prime, either you need to be a student or you must be getting government assistance of any kind. If you aren’t a student or not receiving any government assistance, then you aren’t eligible to get this discount.


If you are planning to Amazon Prime as you are seeing that all of your friends or relatives using the benefits of this service but you don’t want to pay anything, then the best thing you do right now is opt for Amazon Prime Free Trial which doesn’t cost you even a penny.


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