Top 10 ChatGPT Detectors for AI Content in 2024

ChatGPT took the world by storm when it was released in November 2022. It quickly became the most used consumer software product in the world. Amassing over 100 million users in the first two months of its launch. Today, ChatGPT has over 13 million active daily users. Perplexed by the advanced chat software, people from all walks of life rushed to use the tool and to see for themselves what the hype was all about. The majority of its daily active users are students and content creators. People use ChatGPT to share their daily workload.

ChatGPT detectorsWith hundreds of thousands of people outsourcing their work to ChatGPT. It has become easy to cheat. Students are handing in projects not written by them. AI-generated articles are pulling down their Google ranking. This has made AI text detection important. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to detect ChatGPT-generated content using ChatGPT detectors. We have made a list of the 10 best ChatGPT detectors available right now.

Top 10 ChatGPT Detectors in 2024:

ChatGPT detectors and other AI detectors reverse engineer the content uploaded to predict if it has been written by an AI. You can use these websites to run your content and check for AI-written content. Here are the top 10 ChatGPT detectors.

1. OpenAI Text Classifier

open ai clasisfierDeveloped by the same company that gave us ChatGPT. The OpenAI Text Classifier helps you identify texts written by AI and humans. One would assume that the OpenAI Text Classifier would be perfectly accurate in detecting AI-generated texts. However, the developer claims a meager 26% accuracy. Furthermore, the developers suggest that you use this tool as an aid to other methods of AI detectors and do not recommend using it as the primary decision-making tool.

2. Copyleaks


The Copyleaks AI detector is an AI detector API that can be used to build other detectors. It also has multiple language support and can be used to check artificial intelligence content plagiarism in all the languages it supports.

3. GPT Radar

The GPT radar used the same GPT 3 model used by ChatGPT to detect AI-generated content. Using the same technology as ChatGPT, this AI detector gives very accurate results. One of the best applications for commercial applications.

You can use this tool to ensure Google ranking compliance and save your brand image. This service isn’t entirely free, though. You spend credits each time you check an article. Each credit lets you scan 125 words, and each credit is worth $0.02. Amounting to about 8 cents per 600 words. However, you get 2000 free credits if you sign up with them, enough credits to be used for a sizable volume of text.

4. AI Content Detector Online

AI content detectorThis online plagiarism prevention service is different from traditional AI detectors. You can upload either a PDF or paste the text into the website. This helps in preventing IP theft of content that legally belongs to you.

5. Content At Scale

content at scale - Detect AI ContentThis AI detector bypasses three levels of AI (NLP, semantic analysis algorithm, and SERP parsing capabilities) to give you the most accurate results. They claim to have the most updated versions of AI detectors. Enabling them to accurately assess the latest large language models.

Besides detecting AI-generated content, Content At Scale also provides content creation services powered by AI. They claim that they can generate over 20 long-form copies for content marketers, which can bypass all AI detectors. Two sides of the same coin, you say.

6. Crossplag

crosssplag - AI DetectorCrossplag AI content detector claims to be able to precisely detect the source of the plagiarised content. This AI checker can check up to 1000 words at a time. And its accuracy increases with the size of the text.

7. Writer

Writer - Ai Content DetectorThe Writer AI Detection software is perhaps the most straightforward AI detector. You simply copy and paste your content into the website and scan it. However, there is a character limit of 1500 characters per search. Which is about 300 words, give or take.

Unfortunately, there are no versions of the service which remove the character limit. The Writer has a premium version as well, which increases your monthly word limit to 250,000 words from 100,000 words in the free limit.

8. GPT Zero

gpt zeroAnother AI content detector, GPT zero, is powered by the same GPT 3 large language model. It claims to have over a million users, including major publishing houses like the Wall Street Journal and the BBC. With constant upgrades coming in from the developers, GPT Zero is always a step ahead of ChatGPT.

9. Corrector

CorrectorThis AI detector is completely free and lets you scan content either by pasting it into the website or by uploading a copy of the document. This also enables you to detect fraudulent content before you publish it on your website. It also promises GPT 4 support and detection when it rolls out sometime in the future.

10. Writeful

writeful gpt detectorThe Writeful GPT detector is a free-to-use service that can help you detect AI content plagiarism. This enables you to check your content without any word or character limit. It also has many other useful tools on its website. Including academic writing assistance, abstract generator, and paraphraser.


One has to understand that all a GPT 3-type large language model does is predict successive words based on the phrases preceding it. A simple yet elegant way of doing things. However, the same GPT 3 model can reverse engineer the content by going top-down instead of bottom-up. Plagarising any work, even the ones created by AI is unethical and unprofessional. Hopefully, our guide on the best ChatGPT detectors helped you prevent publishing such penalty-worthy content on your blog.


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