Course Hero VS Chegg: Which One To Choose?

Course Hero VS Chegg: These are two popular online platforms that provide academic resources and assistance to students. Course Hero offers a vast collection of study materials, including notes, flashcards, and practice exams, uploaded by students and educators. It also offers 24/7 tutor support and the ability to ask specific questions.

On the other hand, Chegg specializes in textbook rentals, allowing students to save money on expensive course materials. Additionally, Chegg provides solutions to textbook problems, online tutoring, and study tools.

Both platforms aim to help students succeed academically, but their approaches and offerings differ. Understanding the strengths and limitations of each can assist students in selecting the platform that best suits their needs.¬†Therefore, let’s get right to our main topic: Course Hero vs Chegg 2023: Which one to select?

What Is Course Hero?

Course Hero is a leading online learning platform that offers a wealth of educational resources to students. The platform boasts an extensive collection of study materials, including lecture notes, study guides, and practice exams, uploaded by students and educators. Course Hero goes beyond just providing content; it also offers 24/7 tutor support, allowing students to seek help and clarification on specific topics.

Additionally, it features a question-and-answer forum where students can ask and answer academic questions. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive database, Course Hero aims to empower students by facilitating access to valuable learning materials and expert guidance, ultimately enhancing their academic success.

What Is Chegg?

Chegg is a prominent online platform that has revolutionized the way students access educational resources and support. Originally focused on textbook rentals, Chegg has expanded its offerings to provide a wide range of academic assistance. Students can access step-by-step solutions to textbook problems, seek guidance from subject experts through online tutoring, and utilize study tools like flashcards and practice quizzes.

Chegg’s subscription-based model provides cost-effective solutions for students, allowing them to save money on expensive textbooks. it also provides a free trial option. With its comprehensive suite of services, Chegg aims to empower students by providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed in their academic journey.

Course Hero VS Chegg: A Detailed Comparison

Here is a detailed comparison between Course Hero VS Chegg:

1. Pricing

As a platform for crowdsourcing education technology, Course Hero offers free membership alternatives that involve signing up as a tutor, posting content, or introducing a friend to the website. These actions can all unlock valuable resources.

There are also three membership fee choices available for Course Hero. The Monthly Membership will cost you $39.95 per month, Quarterly Membership will cost you $19.95 per month, and Annual Membership will cost you $9.95 per month.

Users can ask up to 10 tutor questions with a monthly membership, up to 20 questions with a quarterly membership, and up to 40 questions with an annual membership.

Coming to Chegg, to access the resources on Chegg, one must pay. Chegg offers two study programs. The monthly cost of the Chegg Study is $14.95, while the monthly cost of the Chegg Study Pack is $19.95.

You may get textbook solutions and increase your understanding of a particular subject with the Chegg Study subscription. You can also use expert Q and A, which gives you the option to post questions on the forum.

A more complete option with more features is the Chegg Study Pack subscription. A math solver, guided videos, premium flashcards, and practice tests are all included in this subscription.

So to sum it up, Course Hero operates on a subscription-based model. They offer monthly and annual subscription plans, which give you unlimited access to their library of resources and Q&A section.

Chegg also operates on a subscription model, but they offer different tiers of subscription plans, including a monthly subscription for access to their study resources and a separate subscription for their textbook rental service. They also have a pay-as-you-go option for specific services like online tutoring.

2. Study Materials

Course Hero offers a wide range of study materials, including study guides, textbook solutions, practice problems, lecture notes, and access to a vast library of course-specific materials uploaded by other users. They also have a Q&A section where students can ask questions and get answers from subject matter experts.

Twenty million study materials are included with Course Hero. These materials are available for students to use if they miss a class and they are packed with the appropriate information to help them make up for the lost session.

Chegg primarily focuses on textbook solutions, offering step-by-step solutions to problems found in textbooks. They also provide textbook rentals, eTextbooks, and a study app called Chegg Study that includes additional features like practice problems and guided solutions.

Chegg offers 9000 textbooks available to students so they may complete their assignments and receive accurate responses from their instructors. The ability for the learner to rent a book to increase their knowledge is another special feature of Chegg.

So to sum it up, when you are confidently preparing for tests, the study materials provided by Course Hero are more beneficial. As a result, we think Course Hero has a significant resource edge over Chegg.

3. User Experience

Course Hero’s user interface is designed to be user-friendly, with a search function that allows users to find specific documents and resources easily. The Q&A section provides a platform for students to ask questions and receive answers from both peers and experts.

Chegg’s platform is also user-friendly, with a focus on providing textbook solutions. The Chegg Study app offers a variety of features, such as practice problems, flashcards, and access to online tutors for additional help.

So to sum it up, we think both Course Hero and Chegg are winners in terms of user experience.

4. Online Tutoring And Online Courses

Course Hero does not have a built-in online tutoring service. However, users of Course Hero can receive experienced tutor support around the clock. You can ask any question related to your study subject for free and you will receive an email response within 10-15 minutes.

Additionally, Course Hero excels at providing no-cost online courses. They provide free access to thousands of online courses and video lectures on various subjects, which can be beneficial for exam preparation.

Chegg, on the other hand, offers constantly accessible personalized tutoring services through its “Chegg Tutors” feature where students can connect with tutors for personalized assistance in various subjects.

Simply write the question you’re having trouble understanding to get in touch with the tutor, who will respond with the needed answer in a matter of seconds. To access this tutoring program, you must, however, pay a price to subscribe.

But unlike Course Hero, Chegg does not offer online courses like Course Hero.

So to sum it up, Course Hero is the winner when it comes to providing free online courses. Chegg, on the other hand, is the winner when it comes to providing online tutoring services. Chegg excels in the tutoring category because you may make the most of your tutors to get the knowledge you need to ace your tests.

5. Exam Preparation

The practice problems on Course-Hero are a terrific way for users to put their knowledge to the test. It provides a free service that aids students in better understanding particular aspects. You may make the most of Course Hero’s features to increase your confidence as you study for the test and hone your skills.

Instead of offering practice problems, Chegg offers a special feature called a math solver. This tool is fantastic for helping the user quickly and easily solve any mathematical problem.

So to sum it up, because Course Hero allows you to improve your comprehension of a specific idea and boost your confidence, it is superior in this regard.

6. User Feedback And Popularity

Course Hero has generally positive user feedback and is well-regarded for its extensive study material collection. Also, Course Hero is more popular than Chegg. However, there have been some concerns in the past regarding Course Hero’s copyright issues and the quality of certain user-uploaded materials.

Chegg is also widely used and has a good reputation among students. They are known for their textbook services and have received positive feedback for their tutoring and homework help features.

So to sum it up, since it offers millions of resources to advance your knowledge, Course Hero is more popular than Chegg. However, Chegg has an upper hand over Course Hero when it comes to user feedback.

7. Free Service

The way that Course Hero assists users in finding free solutions is distinctive. First off, it offers a useful function called free access that lets the user receive a free unlock at no charge. You become eligible for a free unlock when you register in Course Hero.

By reviewing and rating Course Hero, you can also gain free unlocks. You can access the free unlock by reviewing and rating solutions or documents.

Not to mention, by taking part in referral programs, you can earn more unlocks. As soon as you recommend someone to Course Hero, you will have access to at least 8 tutor questions.

Chegg, on the other hand, has several features that allow users to get answers for free. For instance, the user can begin with a four-week free trial version. With this free trial, consumers have full access to all tutoring services, including the ability to ask questions and receive free responses.

Additionally, you can join the Reddit community, which has more than 25000 active users, when using Chegg for free. With Reddit, you may ask a question about any subject and get an answer more quickly, exactly like Chegg would respond.

Finally, in regards to Chegg, you might join various alternatives to gain free access to Chegg’s solutions. You can type your question into one of these sites, like StudyLib or Slader, and get the appropriate Chegg answer for no cost at all.

So to sum it up, Chegg stands out in the free service field because you can easily obtain the majority of solutions absolutely for free.

Course Hero VS Chegg: Which One To Choose?

Course Hero VS Chegg: These are two popular online platforms that offer academic resources and assistance to students. Both platforms provide access to study materials, textbooks, and expert help. However, when it comes to selecting between Course Hero VS Chegg, several factors need to be considered.

Course Hero is known for its vast library of study documents, including lecture notes, study guides, and practice exams shared by students. It also offers 24/7 online tutoring, allowing students to get personalized assistance whenever they need it. Additionally, Course Hero has a subscription model that provides unlimited access to its resources.

On the other hand, Chegg is recognized for its textbook rental service, which can be cost-effective for students. It also offers solutions to textbook problems, expert Q&A, and a database of study materials. Chegg Study subscription gives users access to these features.

The choice between Course Hero VS Chegg depends on individual needs. If you require comprehensive study materials and a wide range of academic resources, Course Hero might be the better option. However, if textbook rental and textbook-specific solutions are your priority, Chegg could be more suitable.


1. What is the difference between Course Hero VS Chegg?

Course Hero focuses primarily on study materials and resources, offering a vast collection of study guides, class notes, practice problems, and interactive Q&A forums.

Chegg, on the other hand, offers a broader range of services, including textbook rentals, online tutoring, homework help, and internship and job search tools.

2. How do the pricing models differ in Course Hero VS Chegg?

Course Hero offers both free and paid subscription options. With a free account, users can access a limited number of documents and study resources. The paid subscription provides unlimited access to all study materials, tutor support, and the ability to download and print documents.

Chegg, on the other hand, operates primarily on a pay-per-use basis. Users can access certain resources, such as textbook solutions and Q&A forums, for free, but they need to pay for services like textbook rentals, online tutoring, and homework help. Chegg offers different pricing options depending on the specific service or resource being utilized.


These are both popular online platforms for academic assistance, but they differ in certain aspects. Course Hero offers a broader range of study resources and emphasizes community collaboration, while Chegg focuses primarily on textbook rentals and Q&A services. The choice between them depends on individual preferences and needs.

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