Chegg Free Trial: How To Claim In Simple Steps?

Chegg, launched in 2005, is a homework help, and textbook and study material rental site. It offers academic support outside the class sessions. It was mainly made to meet the textbook requirements of students. Some students might find it difficult to afford so many textbooks during their studies. Chegg is one such website that can fulfill the requirements of study materials and textbooks for plenty of different subjects. They claim to offer solution manuals for around 9000+ textbooks. Students can find almost anything that can cater to their academic needs on Chegg. This is how Chegg has proven to be one of the best applications for online tutoring, textbooks, and cost-efficient study materials.

However, the services on Chegg cannot be availed for free. All the study materials they provide comes with a fixed price and only use a monthly subscription. Chegg does offer a Chegg Free Trial along with other packs once the Chegg Free Trial period is over. Students can get homework and exam-related help, proofreading, subject analysis in depth, assistance, and even buy and sell textbooks.

How to View Chegg Answers for Free?

Chegg usually blurs the answers until you have an active subscription. However, you can still get Chegg Free Trial to get free access to the material on their site by following the steps below:

1. Using the Chegg App

Chegg App can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device. Once you have the App, you get access to some of the content on their website for free for a limited time in a kind of a Chegg Free Trial.

Using the App, you can avail of the following Chegg services:-

  1. With the free App, you can get access to a 30-minute session of live tutoring, without being charged a penny for the same.
  2. Get access to thousands of textbooks and study materials on their site.
  3. Get access to many textbook answers that are added to their website.

If the limited resources that you get free access to do not solve your problem or if you can’t get enough study materials for your work, you can still go for the Chegg Free Trial that lasts for 4 weeks and continues with a small payment after that.

How to Get the Chegg Free Trial?

Chegg Free Trial includes access to all the virtual textbooks, study material, and one-to-one tutoring access. You can avail of the free 4-week Free Trial by following the following steps-

1. Open

2. Go to the ‘Study’ section.

3. Go to ‘Try Chegg Study’.

4. Enter your e-mail ID and Password, to create a Chegg Account.

5. Choose your preferred Chegg Study Pack from the two options available on their site.

6. You can get access to Chegg Materials using the Free Trial Period after making the Final Submit and after completing the registration process.

Note that, Chegg will ask you to enter the details of your Card but will not be charging the Pack amount until your Chegg Free Trial period is over.

You won’t be paying anything for Chegg with your Chegg Free Trial. But Chegg will deduct the amount of your chosen study plan after the end of the Chegg Free trial period. To avoid this, You can cancel the subscription before the end of your trial period. If you wish to continue, you can go with the chosen Study pack.

What Happens After the Chegg Free Trial Period is over?

As mentioned above, Chegg will automatically start charging you once the Chegg Free trial period is over. To stop this, you will have to deactivate the subscription manually.

To deactivate your subscription, follow these steps-

  1. Login to your Chegg Account.
  2. Go to ‘Orders’.
  3. Choose the ‘All Orders’ option.
  4.  Further, you can find the option to Cancel Your Subscription.

If you do not wish to cancel the subscription after availing of the Chegg Free Trial Pack, you have two Premium Plans that you can choose from.

Premium Plans by Chegg

You will be given two Study Packs to choose from, in case you wish to continue your subscription or edit the existing one.

1. Chegg Study

With this pack, you can get a basic textbook and homework help in Chegg. You get access to the Q&A section and also to the expert’s answers in this plan. Since this is the Basic Plan available, you will only get the Basic help that Chegg can offer you. This pack will cost you around $16 per month.

2. Chegg Study Pack

Using Chegg Study Pack, which is the second option available, you get access to all the content that Chegg can provide. Some extras that you get when compared to the Chegg Study Plan subscribers are Practice problems, Guided videos, flashcards, mindmaps, etc. This will cost you around $20 per month.

Does Chegg offer any price discounts?

Sometimes, Chegg does offer a few discounts while opting for a study plan. Most of the time, they aren’t bought to the attention of the students looking for offers as they are not very widely advertised. However, If you are Signing Up for a new account on Chegg, you can likely view the discount they offer on their study plans while you are asked to choose your plan. Currently, there are no such deals available on Chegg.

Chegg does not also offer any annual subscriptions. You can only avail of the monthly packages.

Can you use Chegg on Multiple Devices?

Chegg can be accessed on any device of yours, be it your PC, or Tablet. You only need to log in to your account and the current plan you have will be processed in the device automatically. It is a highly compatible platform that has quick responses, no delays, and is user-friendly.


Though Chegg charges you for their Premium subscriptions, By enrolling in a plan, you get access to some of the best experts in the field you are looking for. Chegg offers you homework and exam study help, and often comes up with pretty cool discounts for its pre-existing users and also the newcomers. Chegg is a one-stop solution for all your problems related to studies, ranging from finding textbooks to getting notes and finding experts to solve your academic queries.

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