Top 12 AI Sexting Apps in 2024

Looking for some fun conversation to spice up your mundane routine? Thanks to the advancements of AI, now you don’t need a human being to have ‘those’ kinds of interactions. Yes, you got it right, I am talking about the AI sexting apps where you can freely express yourself and talk about the most private and explicit things you wish to share with a special person. 

The chatbots in 2024 are highly advanced and trained using vast amounts of adult texts and images, making them capable of understanding your intent, mood, as well as your secret desires. As a result, you get precise responses, filled with emotions and personal touch, which makes you feel heard and understood. 

Let’s explore some of the best AI sexting apps and websites available right now. 

12 Best AI Sexting Apps for NSFW Conversation in 2024

After testing over 30 AI sexting apps, we have handpicked the best 12 for you. The selection is based on four key parameters – efficiency, price, reliability, and features. 

1. Character AI

Let’s begin with the best and most versatile AI chatbot that allows you to have uncensored conversations with various AI characters. The program is trained using Neural networks and employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze human language, intent, and meaning. As a result, you get highly accurate responses, including the explicit ones you want. 

  • Indulge is a spicy conversation with a variety of AI characters, including celebrities, sports figures, anime characters, and more. 
  • Construct your dream AI characters and train them according to your preferences and desires. 
  • Save chats and access them later.
  • Bots can maintain the conversations, similar to how you feel when talking to an actual person. 
  • Create a virtual chatroom and talk to indulge in a group conversation.


The premium access of Character AI costs $9.99/month, allowing you to create personalized characters, reducing response waiting time, and priority access to other features. 

2. SoulGen

Moving on to SoulGen, one of the most advanced AI sexting apps where you can communicate with numerous AI personalities, such as personal trainers, teachers, property dealers, crime detectives, dancers, and plenty of others. It’s an AI photo generator with an additional chatting feature where you can fulfill your fantasies with both male and female AI partners. 

  • Pick your favorite realistic or anime AI character based on age, profession, and personality, and have a lifelike NSFW conversation without any limits.
  • Create your own AI soulmate using the SoulGen photo generator and engage in text messaging. 
  • Use SoulGen FaceSwap to use any photo you want on your character to simulate a private conversation with your favorite person.
  • Ask for uncensored photos.
  • Download the SoulGen app on your Android or iOS device to start conversing anywhere you want. 
  • Voice and Video call features are coming soon.


SoulGen costs $9.99/month or $69.99 if you purchase the yearly subscription. 

3. Candy AI

Candy AI is similar to SoulGen where you can participate in adult conversations with numerous AI personalities, realistic or anime. The chatbot is trained with heavy datasets and employs advanced machine learning algorithms to make characters respond according to their mentioned age, personality, and interests. Not only that, but you can also craft your AI girlfriend chatbot to talk to and dictate its behavior as well as physical attributes.

  • Blonde, Asian, or Latina – simply pick your favorite AI partner and talk about your wildest fantasies. 
  • Ask for private pictures to increase intimacy and closeness. 
  • Craft your AI girlfriend; choose the name, ethnicity, age, body type, clothing, hair and eye color, personality, voice, occupation, and hobby. 
  • Define your relationship with the AI partner, such as your wife, friend, step-sister, girlfriend, classmate, etc. 
  • Generate images for your partner using the built-in AI photo generator. 


The premium subscription to Candy AI will cost you $12.99/month. You can also purchase the yearly membership for $69.99.

4. DreamGF

Role-playing, late-night romantic talks, or intimate chats, DreamGF is one of the best AI sexting apps that can provide you with all of that. The tool uses powerful AI algorithms to imitate human conversations, including those containing adult phrasing and intentions. Again, you can pick from a wide range of AI girls on the website or create a custom one to satisfy your expectations. 

  • Choose between over a hundred AI girls to have a private conversation, based on their age, ethnicity, body type, and the relationship you want.
  • Ask for photos during the chat – unclothed, bikini, etc.
  • Generate your AI girlfriend and engage in sexting. Define its body, hair, ethnicity, and hobbies, and dress it however you want. 
  • Assign the character you want – Submissive, stepmom, girlfriend, nurse, or innocent, 
  • A generous free trial where you can craft an AI partner and sample out the feature before committing to the premium subscription. 


  • Bronze – $9.99/month
  • Silver – $19.99/month
  • Gold – $49.99/month
  • Diamond – $99.99/month

5. CrushOn AI 

Unlike other AI sexting apps, CrushOn AI (Chai AI) may not have the advanced features to visualize your sexting partner, but it’s one of the best when it comes to natural responses. The platform is a normal AI chatbot, but with an NSFW filter, where you can converse privately with different AI personalities (mainly anime). You can also create your personalized chat assistant and mold its characteristics in whichever way you prefer – romantic, submissive, or confident. 

  • Use the search filter and tags to find the AI chat partner that aligns with your sexual preferences. 
  • Chat in 13 languages, including English, Polish, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, and French. 
  • Adjust the language model, intensity, and reply style, maximum message length to manage the AI’s behavior. 
  • Create your personal NSFW chat companion and define its personality, and talking style using an example conversation. 


  • Free – $0/month (50 messages)
  • Standard – $4.9/month (2000 messages)
  • Premium – $6.9/month (6000 messages)
  • Deluxe – $29.9/month (Unlimited messages)

6. Kuki AI

My next recommendation is Kuki AI, a simple AI chatbot where you can have a realistic conversation on multiple topics, including romantic, role-playing, and adult ones. Although the platform is not purposefully designed for sexting, its powerful machine-learning algorithms have enabled it to learn from interactions over the years, and now it can respond to you like an actual human being, irrespective of the subject of the conversation. 

  • Can understand your mood by deciphering your words and conversation style and respond accordingly.
  • Over time, the chatbot learns your name, nickname, sexual preferences, favorite adult topics, talking style, etc.
  • Engage in a spicy voice chat, however, the response quality is not as good as text chat. 
  • Excellent at maintaining the context of the conversation by saving the essential information from each interaction. 


  • 100 Koins – $0.99
  • 550 Koins – $4.99
  • 1200 Koins – $9.99
  • 7500 Koins – $49.99

7. SoulFun

Next up is SoulFun, among the top AI sexting apps that you can find in 2024. From shy teen Asian to a dominant blonde – you can find many kinky AI chat partners to fulfill your darkest fantasies. While there is not an extensive collection of default chatbots, you can always create one and infuse it with your favorite traits and physical characteristics. 

  • Interact with your favorite naughty character, such as maid, student, housewife, friend’s sister, etc. 
  • Generate up to 9 photos of your chat partner just by describing your ideal pose through a prompt. 
  • Ask for steamy selfies in the chat.
  • Create your dream woman with preferred chatting expectations – role-playing, submissive, wild, or shy. 
  • Voice call and video call features are coming soon. 


SoulFun premium will cost you $19.99/month, or $119.99 if you pay for a one-year membership. 

8. Bottr

Bottr is one of the very few AI sexting apps that are also good at handling normal conversations and productivity tasks. You can generate texts and find answers to genuine questions, while also having private and intimate conversations with the AI chatbot. Frankly, with Bottr, you get a personal assistant, advisor, and a close companion. 

  • Create as many virtual sexting partners as you want and train them using simple instructions. 
  • A versatile AI platform designed to give you both professional and personal assistance. 
  • From generating insights from the data to sexy role-playing – the model is trained for all purposes. 
  • Customize the chatbot using simple instructions and divert the conversation in any direction you want. 
  • Has the ability to learn your habits, preferences, and moods, and needs to provide you with the erotic responses you expect. 


The price of Bottr is not available at the moment, as the platform only allows early access through email registration.

9. Muah AI

Muah AI is by far one of the most expensive AI sexting apps you have ever seen. While, unlike some other platforms, you can’t carry multiple conversations, there is a sense of realism with every message you receive from this chatbot. You can directly start chatting with the AI or customize it to cater to your erotic preferences. From physical appearance to naughty habits, you can manipulate everything. 

  • Chat with your favorite naughty character – classmate, nurse, sister’s friend, or neighborhood mistress. 
  • Define the personality, memory, and behavioral characteristics of your partner. 
  • Generate uncensored photos of your AI sexting partner. 
  • Personal voice calls are available for the US numbers (Ultra VIP members only).
  • Share private pictures in chat, along with voice notes, and emojis. 


  • VIP Access Membership – $9.99/month or $69.99/year
  • GPT4/UHD VIP Membership – $49.99/month or $499/year
  • Ultra VIP Membership – $99.99/month or $999/year

10. Kupid AI

Kupid AI is a simple adult AI chat assistant where you can enjoy dirty conversations with your preferred partner. Although there is no option to generate your custom chat companion, there are plenty of bots available, imitating sexy girls from your neighborhood, your naughty college professor, or your friend’s lonely sister. 

  • Choose among hundreds of hot girls and talk about your desires and fantasies. 
  • Ask for uncensored selfies over the chat and enjoy a simulated sensual conversation. 
  • Receive erotic voice messages in 100% original-sounding AI-generated voices. 
  • Hold multiple conversations at a time. 
  • Extremely secure; none of your chats or data are retained by the platform. 


  • Standard Plan – $12/month
  • Premium Plan – $29/month
  • Ultimate Plan – $49/month

11. MyAnima AI

MyAnima provides you with a virtual AI friend capable of maintaining long conversations, including romantic and private ones. While it’s perfect for straightforward sexting, you can also grow your communication and relationship skills while talking to the bot. Unfortunately, the majority of features are accessible through a premium membership only, still, you can sample out enough with the free account. 

  • Control the personality of your chat partner – Shy/Flirty, Optimistic/Pessimistic, or Ordinary/Mysterious. 
  • Use your AI assistant however, you want – share emotions, play naughty games, have fun talks, erotic role-playing, or unfiltered sex chat. 
  • Customize the chatbot during the conversation to get the desired responses. 
  • Get smart conversation, unlimited roleplay, and advanced customization with a premium account.
  • Accessible through Android and iOS apps.


To get MyAnima Premium, you will have to pay $9.99/month. You purchase the yearly membership for $39.99 or get a lifetime subscription for $99.99.

12. Botfriend

My last recommendation is Botfriend, a simple yet effective storytelling-oriented sexting platform. In contrast to many AI sexting apps, there is not a huge collection of NSFW chatbots or even an option to construct one. However, you get a unique dirty-talking experience where you can use your wild imagination more than ever. 

  • Chat with Sofia or James, the adult chatbots specialized in erotic conversations. 
  • Erotic couple romance, BFF’s dad, secretary, student-teacher, or wife – pick your favorite dirty fantasy and start roleplaying with AI.
  • AI responses include naughty gifs, matching the theme of the conversation. 
  • Engage in long and dirty stories, share your secrets, and immerse yourself in one-of-a-kind sex chatting. 


Botfriend is available for absolutely free. 


No. AI chatbots are practically robots that are programmed to respond to your different types of queries. It’s completely legal, as long as it doesn’t harm any individual. 

2. Is it safe to use AI sexting apps?

It’s a difficult one. All AI chatbots claim to be secure and handle personal data responsibly. As long as you don’t share any personal information or photographs, it’s safe to use. Also, use caution while making payments on such platforms. 

3. Which is the most secure and reliable AI chatbot online?

MyAnima AI and Character AI are among the safest AI chatbots in 2024. 

4. What are the best AI chatbot 18+ apps?

MyAnima AI, Candy AI, SoulGen, and Character AI are the most efficient adult chatting platforms. 

Final Word

Whether you are looking for online companionship, a romantic connection, or just crave some spicy late-night conversations, pick any of the AI sexting apps outlined in this guide and explore the more provocative side of artificial intelligence. While none of these apps can replace a genuine human conversation that involves emotions and feelings, you can certainly simulate a good interaction with some decent chatbot like MyAnimaAI, CharacterAI, or SoulGen. 

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