Is Apple Vision Pro Waterproof?

Vision Pro, Apple’s latest baby comes with a whopping $3499 price tag. If you own it or are planning to buy it, I am sure you are concerned about its durability and longevity. While portable gadgets like smartphones and tablets are very prone to water exposure, the Apple Vision Pro might result in heavy repair costs. So, the question arises – is Apple Vision Pro waterproof?  

In recent years, water resistance has emerged as a key selling feature in the digital device market. Companies have drastically improved their waterproofing ratings continuously, and some are even offering coverage against water-exposure damage. So, has Apple, which historically doesn’t emphasize this aspect, done enough with the Vision Pro?

Let’s discuss it further and find out if Apple Vision Pro has any IP rating. 

Is Apple Vision Pro Waterproof?

Apple Vision Pro, the most advanced and expensive Spatial Computer, is available for purchase now. While the product has garnered mostly positive reviews for its futuristic design, there are visible concerns regarding its water resistance capabilities; People want to know whether this $3500 gadget can withstand water exposure. 

The answer, unfortunately, is no. Despite being built with various high-grade materials such as polycarbonate, aluminum, nylon, polyester, and glass, it doesn’t come with any IP rating. Even in last year’s WWDC and subsequent official promos, Apple kept its lips sealed regarding its water resistance feature. 

So, No IP rating – it means the device is neither waterproof nor water resistant. It’s slightly disappointing from Apple, given the hefty price point of the Vision Pro. However, as I mentioned in the beginning, Apple products are not known for their water resistance capabilities, and even if some top-tier Apple gadgets offer water resistance, Apple’s standard warranty doesn’t cover water damage.

As per the Apple Vision Pro’s safety information page: 

“Apple Vision Pro and its battery are not designed to be water-resistant. Keep your device and battery away from sources of liquid, such as drinks, oils, lotions, sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls, etc. Protect your device and battery from dampness, humidity, or wet weather, such as rain, snow, and fog.”

Is the Apple Vision Pro Battery Waterproof?

Apple has opted for external battery power in Vision Pro, meaning you will have to carry an external battery pack whenever using the headset. Regrettably, the battery as well doesn’t offer any water resistance. It’s very important to keep the battery in your pocket rather than leaving it next to where you’re seated to prevent accidental drops when getting up.

Nevertheless, if your battery has been severely damaged from water exposure, you can purchase a new one from Apple’s official website for $199. 

How Can You Protect Your Apple Vision Pro?

It’s pretty clear that Vision Pro has zero protection against water and even the smallest exposure may cause severe damage to the device’s electronics and circuit boards inside. Even the external battery that you are supposed to carry in your pocket doesn’t offer any water resistance whatsoever. 

Here are some measurements you can take to keep your Apple Vision Pro safe from water exposure:

1. Always use Vision Pro in a controlled environment where there is no water around. Avoid using it near the pool, in the washroom, while brushing your teeth, or during any activity involving water.

2. Do not wear the headset during extreme physical workouts that cause sweating.

3. Stick to indoors and avoid using it in an outdoor environment.

4. Search for third-party protective cases or housings offering sweat or splash resistance.

5. Don’t use Vision Pro in an extremely humid environment.

6. Use only a dry cloth to clean the Vision Pro and avoid any liquid chemicals.

7. While using the headset, be mindful of the battery and ensure it stays away from any kind of water exposure. Also, invest in a separate battery case.

8. When not in use, always keep Apple Vision Pro on its cover. This will reduce the risk of potential damage by accidental water spills.

9. If the battery has been exposed to water, instantly disconnect it from the power source and the headset.

10. If Apple Vision Pro gets wet, quickly wipe it down with a soft cotton cloth and contact Apple support.


1. Is Apple Vision Pro covered by a standard 1-year warranty?

Yes. Each Apple Vision Pro is covered under Apple’s standard one-year warranty which protects against manufacturing defects. Physical damage such as exposure to water is not covered under the warranty. 

2. What is the best Apple Vision Pro alternative?

Meta Quest Pro, priced at $1499 is among the best Apple Vision Pro alternatives in the market right now. 

3. What is Apple Vision Price in the USA?

Apple Vision Pro costs $3499 for the 256 GB storage, $3699 for 512 GB storage, and $3899 for the 1 TB storage model.  

4. What to do if my Apple Vision Pro has been exposed to water?

You can try to keep it under the sun for a while and check if it works. If not, visit the nearest Apple care store and get an estimation of repair cost. 

Final Word

“Is Apple Vision Pro waterproof?” This question has been circulating since Apple unveiled the groundbreaking product at last year’s WWDC. Now that the product is out and listed on Apple’s official website, the world’s most advanced VR headset can’t handle even a tiny splash of water. There are several Apple Vision Pro demos available, examining its water resistance, but honestly, I will not mess around with the headset and risk my hard-earned $3500. 

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