15 Undress AI Apps And Websites With Free Credits

I am sure, by now you know that AI can eliminate specific objects from any photograph. Undress AI apps operate on a similar principle, manipulating images to forge them into deepfakes without any clothes on them. A lot of Undress AI Apps and tools are available that offer this service. 

But which is the best Undress AI App to remove clothes or to undress? You will get the answer in this guide as we will be listing out the best undressing apps that give out images with the most realistic quality.

15 Best Undress AI Apps and Tools

To create this guide, our team has tested over 26 undress AI apps. Based on key criteria such as price, reliability, stability, and output quality, we’ve narrowed down the selection to the top 15 for your consideration.

Platform Price Reliability Score Rating
Xnude  $4.95/month  10/10 9⭐
Deep-nude AI Free 5/10 6.5⭐
Undress.app 10 credits – $9.99 9/10 8⭐
SoulGen $9.99/month 8/10 9⭐
Candy AI $12.99/month 8.5/10 9⭐
Nudify $10.75/month  3.5/10 5.5⭐
Undress.cc $2.92/month 8/10 8.5⭐
AInude.ai Free 6.5/10 6⭐
Dream GF $9.99/month 7.5/10 7.5⭐
Promptchan.ai $9.59/month 5/10 6⭐
Smexy Not available 2/10 5.5⭐
DeepNudeNow $19.99/month 8/10 8⭐
Undress.vip Free 4/10 6⭐
X-pictures.io $8.90/month 7.5/10 7.5⭐
Onlybabes.ai $14/month 6.5/10 7⭐
Clothoff.io 30 coins for $11 5/10 5 ⭐


Let’s explore these AI undress apps in detail:

1. Undress.cc

Let’s begin with Undress.love, a powerful deepfake AI tool that can generate highly precise images without clothes. The AI model used by this web application is trained with heavy datasets, resulting in pin-point accuracy and realism. 

Apart from the undressing feature, this tool also provides you with a bunch of customization, such as body type, age, bikini removal, nude anime transformation, UHD images, etc. However, most of these advanced tools are locked inside a premium account. According to the website’s privacy policy, it doesn’t store any of the images you use to create deepfakes, however, one should not use such pictures without consent. 


  • Basic – $2.92/month
  • Standard – $7.50/month
  • Pro – $15.83/month

There is a discount of 10%, 25%, and 60% on the purchase of quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly subscriptions. 

2. Deep-nude AI

Deep-nude AI, one of the best free undress AI apps, uses advanced Deep nude 3.0 technology for image manipulation and creates deepfakes of the highest quality. The diffusion models used by this tool have undergone a stable training process, allowing it to explore the images deeply and generate epic results, while still providing decent control over the modifications. 

Deep-nude AI also handles high-resolution images better than its competitors, resulting in fast and stable processing, without compromising the realism of the actual image. The website also has an AI Girls section where you can generate an AI version of a girl you want, using multiple customizations, such as body type, hair, ethnicity, clothing, and more. 


Deep-nude AI is free to use. 

3. Undress.app

My next recommendation is the Undress.app, a minimalistic web application to generate realistic deepfakes without clothes. The website has a straightforward interface, with just one option to upload an image and generate the undressed version of it. 

This undress AI app doesn’t offer any customizations and additional features, however, the image processing is extremely quick, thanks to the advanced GAN models. The AI algorithms are capable of deep image analysis, creating extremely accurate explicit results. The only downside is that you will have to purchase the credits from the get-go to generate pictures, which are quite expensive. 


  • 10 credits – $9.99
  • 55 credits – $23.99
  • 222 credits – $38.99

4. Undressninja

Undressninja is another web-based application that can produce stunning deepfakes, including undressed AI images. The platform offers more than just the undressing feature, such as manipulating body type outfits, and other traits, allowing you to create unparalleled photorealistic transformations. However, these additional tools are accessible only through a premium account. 

You can join Undressninja using your Google or Patreon account and start generating images right away. While it’s not always 100% safe to use such platforms, Undressninja doesn’t save any of the raw or AI images generated by you. 


  • White Belt – Free (0 credits)
  • Yellow Belt – $4.99/month (20 credits)
  • Green Belt – $9.99/month (70 credits)
  • Black Belt – $19.99/month (200 credits)

5. Candy AI

Candy AI is a unique platform that allows you to create your ideal woman and shape her looks, clothes, and personality according to your preferences. This customization also involves an undressing feature, where you can try various outfits or just enjoy the undressed version of it. You can use AI samples, realistic photos, or anime to start with the image generator and manipulate effects like scenes, body type, accessories, clothing, etc. 

Candy AI is one of the rare platforms that can also generate male deepfakes. Not only that, you can craft an AI girlfriend/boyfriend, engage in private and explicit conversations, exchange personal uncensored selfies, and immerse yourself in their fantasies. All your creations, images, and chats will be kept secure on the Candy AI’s servers only. 


Candy AI’s premium plan costs $12.99/month or $69.99/year. 

6. Nudify

Moving on to Nudify.online, a simple yet effective AI undress platform where you can generate steamy photos in mere seconds. It uses an advanced GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) framework to learn the images and generate the desired output with utmost photorealism and precision. Thanks to the latest deepfake machine learning algorithms and highly trained AI models, Nudify is capable of analyzing clothing, skin tone, body shape, etc. to create results that align with the creator’s vision and original photo. 

However, you will have to spend to generate completely nude images, as the free plan only allows you to create three bikini or lingerie photos. 


  • Basic – $10.75/month (15 credits)
  • Standard – $16.83/month (90 credits)
  • Pro – $27/month (600 credits)

7. SoulGen

SoulGen is another AI image creator where you can generate realistic portraits and anime using text inputs. The platform utilized advanced deep learning methods to assess the prompts and produce photorealistic results that perfectly match your imagination. SoulGen also allows you to upload a reference photo, modify or remove clothing, manipulate effects, change backgrounds, swap faces, and much more. 

With additional modification tools, you have complete control over the output, and you can tweak body type, pose, and other physical attributes to generate your dream person. Lastly, you can generate your AI soulmate, indulge in NSFW conversations, and fulfill your fantasies. 


You will have to pay $9.99/month or $69.99 if you commit to a one-year subscription. 

8. AInude.ai

AInude.AI allows you to create partially or completely undressed photos using a photo and prompts both. The platform uses the latest deep nude algorithms which are trained to analyze clothing patterns, skin tones, and body type, allowing it to retain the realism in the output images. All you have to do is upload an image and select the clothing/area you want to be removed. 

You have the option to let the AI undress the image automatically or explain your vision through the prompt. Additionally, you can change clothing, size of body parts, hair color, ethnicity, and many other physical features, to achieve precisely what you want. 


Ainude.AI is free to use, however, you can only undress 2 images and create 2 AI girls every day. 

9. Dream GF

Dream GF is an AI undress app that allows you to not only generate photos but also lets you build an AI companion with whom you can engage on various levels, ranging from social interactions to deeply personal exchanges. You can tailor your partner’s appearance, such as hair color, body type, ethnicity, and style, and choose the clothing style (dressed or undressed) as per your mood and preference. Not only that, but you can also communicate using text messaging, voice notes, and other AI-powered technologies. 

You can use a built-in AI image generator to produce your dream woman’s photo, assign it a name, and start communicating whenever you want. While most of these features are available with a premium membership, you can use the free trial to get a feel of the platform. 


  • Bronze – $9.99/month
  • Silver – $19.99/month

You can earn 10% and 20% discount on quarterly and half-yearly subscriptions. 

10. Promptchan.ai

Promptchan is one of the most up-to-date and feature-packed AI undress apps in 2024. Here, you can generate infinite versions of AI girls in various styles – anime, cinematic, artistic, and photorealistic. Using a reference image, you can transform it into your dream woman through various modifications, such as clothes, hair, skin tone, etc. 

To undress or tweak the clothing style, all you have to do is select the area and write a that outlines your vision. The AI Posing feature also allows you to put your girl in any pose you want, whether it’s a beach scene or a sultry one. However, the best feature is that you can generate images in private mode, which adds an extra layer of security and privacy to your art. 


  • Plus – $9.59/month (300 generations)
  • Premium – $15.19/month (800 generations)
  • Pro – $21.59 (1500+ generations)

11. Smexy

The next pick is Smexy AI, one of the most powerful web-based undress AI apps to bring your intimate ideas to life through images. It’s an AI image generator, loaded with numerous controls, allowing you to craft your favorite erotic art and tune it further to match your imagination. 

As far as physical features are concerned, you can adjust the body parts’ size, facial expressions, hairstyle, and age. The clothing section allows you to undress the image or try different styles of outfits, such as bikini, nightwear, and lingerie, to infuse the image with a more sexually appealing vibe. Additionally, Smexy lets you dictate the photo style (animated, realistic, cartoon), pose, camera angle, background scene and color, lighting conditions, and a bunch of other effects.


The pricing of Smexy is not available, as you must join the waitlist before you can access the platform. 

12. DeepNudeNow

DeepNudeNow employs a modified version of pix2pixHD GAN architecture to train its AI model, resulting in remarkably photorealistic unclothed photo outcomes. The platform uses a database of clothed images and anatomical attributes to analyze the given photo and generate a fake yet convincingly lifelike undressed image. 

Compared to other undress AI apps, DeepNudeNow produces more accurate and realistic results, whether it’s body shape, clothing material, or skin tone. However, there are two basic drawbacks – first, users can only select a squared section of the image, and second, free users may experience an average waiting time of 2 hours to obtain the result. 


  • Premium – $19.99/month (Priority queue)
  • Exclusive – $24/month (Personal queue)
  • Business – $59.99/month (Personal queue and API access)

13. Undress.vip

Undress.vip is another free website that can help you generate high-quality uncensored images in a few seconds. Now, the results may not be as good as some top-tier platforms, but you can always try to produce multiple images and go with the best one since you are not paying anything for it. 

Importantly, Undress.vip does not save any of the uploaded or AI-generated images on its servers, and once you exit the website, all the images are automatically erased. However, on a free website like this, you must avoid using sensitive photos, especially without the owner’s consent. Another downside is that the website is sometimes unresponsive, which can be frustrating for many users. 


Undress.vip is free to use.

14. X-pictures.io

With X-pictures, you can create a realistic or anime portrait of a girl just by using a bunch of filters. Simply visualize your favorite appearance of a woman set the parameters accordingly, and let the AI algorithms do the magic. In a matter of seconds, you will have a picture of your dream girl. 

The platform also features an undress AI tool, where you can remove clothes from any digital photograph, male or female. Again, all you have to do is upload an image and mark the area on it that you want to be changed. You can choose a bra, bikini, and tattoo, or leave it completely undressed. Unfortunately, you can’t do much with a free account and will have to pay upfront to use the tool. 


X-pictures.io premium costs $8.90/month or $69.99 for a one-year subscription. 

15. Onlybabes.ai

The last undress AI app I want to talk about is Onlybabses AI, a perfect place to generate unlimited uncensored photos just by using your imagination. All you have to do is write a prompt articulating your desired woman, select the picture quality and orientation, and have the output in seconds. 

Although there is no direct feature to remove clothes from a photo, you can use a reference photo and create lookalikes of whoever you want, with your favorite physical features, including an option for an undressed version. Unlike other AI platforms, the pricing is straightforward. You get unlimited usage with both the premium memberships, however, you will have to opt for the pricier one to use the custom face and 4K feature. 


  • Gold – $14/month
  • Platinum – $23/month (4K images)


As long as you don’t use someone’s photo without their consent, it’s legal to use. 

2. How accurate are the undress app results?

The results of such apps vary, depending on the AI models used by the platform. However, don’t expect 100% accuracy with true-life realism as these models are still undergoing development. 

3. Where can I find the undress AI program free download?

Undressninja, AInude.AI, deepnude AI, and DeepNudeNow are among the best free AI undress platforms.  

Final Word

Despite the growing controversy, Undress AI apps are getting popular. While all these platforms ensure privacy and appeal to users to engage in responsible usage, how do you declare an undress app safe?

The main concern is that none of these websites belong to reputed publishers (for obvious reasons), and it might be risky to invest money in them, not to mention the risk involved in sharing photos on them. I strongly suggest you refrain from using photos of any known person, with or without their consent, and use such platforms with utmost caution, especially if you are thinking about investing in them.

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