Top 15 Deepfake Apps And Websites in 2024

Ever wondered how Donald Trump would do a musical look? Or does Obama playing the scenes of Denzel Washington look like? You don’t have to wonder for much longer. The sciences have cracked the code to make them do just that.

Well, sort of. Computer science has advanced enough to let us superimpose the face of a person onto the head of someone else in a video. And this has opened up Pandora’s box of Deepfake apps and websites producing Deepfake videos. These videos have flooded pop culture and the meme space on the internet. Adding another dimension to the already interesting social media.

deep fake appsIf you know what a Deepfake video is, chances are you too have thought of making one yourself. Maybe you have a great idea for a meme and want to express it in that way, or maybe you want to have some fun with the awkward photos of your friends that you have.

Making a Deepfake video isn’t as hard as it might sound. In this article, we have listed 15 Deepfake apps and websites that you can use to make deep fake photos, videos, or audios of your own.

What is Deepfake?

A Deepfake is a doctored image or a video that has been fabricated using artificial intelligence. A very sophisticated algorithm is used to superimpose the face of one person onto the face of another. Often, these processes require multiple photos and videos of the same person from different angles to perfectly capture the nuanced facial features. Which, when superimposed on another person’s facial profile, matches the nuanced features of the people and makes a seamless stitch.

DeepFakes apps and websites come in another flavor: Deepfake audio. These have to be trained with a considerable amount of audio speech files of a person. It can then generate synthetic audio based on their specific intonations.

Top 15 Deepfake Apps And Websites in 2024

Deepfake apps and websites cost a dime a dozen. Every software engineer who has done a course in AI and ML has made their Deepfake app and website. However, we went through great roubles to scrounge through the internet and find you the top 15 Deepfake apps and websites:

1. FaceApp

face appMany claim that FaceApp brought Deepfake to mainstream social media. And it is somewhat, if not totally, true. In this app, you can upload a photo and make any of the hundreds of pre-existing mods on it.

Including, but not limited to, making the photo smile, aging, and de-aging the person. This app is currently available on Android and iOS for free. With millions of downloads, this is one of the most popular artificial intelligence-enabled Deepfake mobile apps.

2. DALL-E Mini

dall e miniFrom the creators of ChatGPT, DALL-E is a realistic image generation software that uses artificial intelligence trained on 12 billion parameters. You can generate images featuring famous personalities in places where they have never been, doing things they have never done. DALL-E mini used the Dall-E API by OpenAI to achieve just that.

3. Jiggly

jiggly Gifs are the fad nowadays, you can find the most popular memes in GIF formats readily available on your mobile keyboards. But have you ever wondered if you could be in one of those GIFs? Well, the answer is yes. Jiggly allows you to do just that. All you have to do is select one of the thousands of GIF templates and select the photo of yours from which you want the subject to be replaced. Jiggly will do the rest and generate a GIF with you, or anyone else, in it.

4. FaceMagic

facemagicThis powerful AI helps you swap your face with that of an actor or actress from movies. You can use one of the many hundred templates from movies and tv shows starring your favorite actors and actresses to be replaced by you. Conversely, you can also use your videos to be used as base videos and replace yourself with anyone you want. This is the perfect tool for making spoof videos if you are a content creator or an influencer.

5. Face Swap Live

face swap liveFace Swap Live is an app available in both Play Store and Apple Store. It uses your front camera to swap the faces of people standing behind the phone. It has numerous face wrapping and interactive 3D effects for free on the Android version of the app. However, these features aren’t free for the iOS version but cost just $1. It is a great app to play if you have toddlers and young cousins with you.

6. Zao

zao deep fakeZao is a mobile app that lets you put your face on pictures and videos. You can use one of the many templates for videos available on the platform to replace you. The selection of videos includes scenes from popular movies and music videos, many from mainland Chinese movies and shows. Overall, it’s a fun app to use.

7. Lensa

lensaEver wondered how would you look like if you were part of an animated superhero movie or an anime? You can find the answer to that question by yourself using the Lensa app. Lensa is a Deepfake app, which was launched by Prisma Labs. It gained large-scale adoption and popularity over social media in 2022. The hook for its almost overnight popularity was its ability to artistically express a person in an altered superhero or animated reality.

8. Deepfakes Web

deep face webDeepfakeweb is a web app that enables you to make your Deepfake videos without going through the hassle of downloading and installing any application anywhere. However, it has its drawbacks. The application being a web app, runs all its rendering on rented servers which do not come cheap. As a result, it takes a lot of time to render. Thankfully, it has a premium paid package, where you will be charged $3 per hour of rendering usage. And the rendering time is cut short.

9. Wombo


Want to watch Elon Musk lip-syncing to songs? Want to perfectly make a lip-synced video of a song? You can now do it with Wombo. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself or anyone else and select the song you want to sync it with. Wombo will do the rest. You can now share your effortlessly created lip-synced video with your friends.

10. Reface

refaceIt is a face swap app, formerly known as Douplicat. It can create fun meme GIFs and videos from the templates that have been readied. All you have to do is upload your photo and select the video you want to replace it with.

11. FacePlay

faceplay Another face swap app lets you select one of the pre-loaded videos and photos to superimpose your, or anyone else’s, face. The library in FacePlay is one of the largest in the deep fake generation field.

12. MyHeritage

This website is perhaps the most wholesome on the list. This app makes a picture come to life. Simply upload your picture and see it come to life. This app produces gifs that are akin to iPhone’s ‘live photos’. You can see the subject in the picture blink and loosen around in a very natural and nuanced way. It is intended to be used to bring back pictures of our ancestors to life.

13. DeepFaceLab

deep face labDeepface Lab is an AI editing software meant for professionals. It runs on Windows and does exactly what other Deepfake video editor does, just better. If you are looking to have more authority over the deep fake videos you create or want to create something new using AI, then this is for you. However, you will need to have some knowledge of computer vision and a high-end PC with a dedicated graphics card to even make the smallest of renders.

14. Deep Art

deep artAnother artificial intelligence-enabled deepfake app that produces artistic expression using, well, art. This AI has been trained to detect art and spin off a new image with its interpretation. It can create visually stunning artwork and is available for use on PC and mobile.

15. Speechify

speechifySpeechify is an artificial intelligence-powered Deepfake voice generator. You can use its text-to-speech feature to make voice cover recordings of celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Britney Speares. So if you want Snoop to sing you ‘Happy Birthday’, then this is the app to go to.


In a world powered by artificial intelligence, it is very easy to get swayed and use the power with ill intent. While it is fun, making goofy videos or pulling pranks on your friends, it is not recommended that you use the pictures of people who have not consented to it. Remember to you these Deepfake apps and websites justly and responsibly.


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