Top 15 Deepfake Apps And Websites in 2024

While plenty of deepfake apps and websites were launched in the last few years, only a select few have mastered the art of generating quality deepfakes. Moreover, there are growing ethical and privacy concerns regarding the use of such platforms, especially after so many disturbing videos circulating featuring popular figures. 

Anyways, Deepfake apps are for fun and must be used as such. So let’s go further and find out the best deepfake apps and websites available in 2024. 

Top 15 Deepfake Apps and Websites in 2024

After evaluating over 36 deepfake apps and websites available across the platforms, we’ve handpicked the best 15 for you. Let’s take a look.

1. DeepSwap

With a user base of over 150 million, DeepSwap is my table topper, primarily due to its clean interface and smooth functionality. To create a deepfake video, simply upload a decent-quality photo, video, or GIF and pick the faces you want to substitute. In mere seconds, your deepfake will be ready to download. Moreover, there are plenty of options to transform a boring photo into a meme material. 


  • One-click face editor to create high-quality profile pictures, photo IDs, and wedding photos.
  • Create funny gifs using any face you want.
  • Quick AI background remover and editor 
  • AI image upscaled to elevate your photo quality

Price: $9.99/month

2. FaceApp

Considered to be among the first deepfake apps, FaceApp allows you to transform your selfies in every way imaginable. Turn yourself old, put a smile on your face, or wear a Superman costume, everything is possible with just a few taps. It’s a good app to have fun experiments with friends and family photos and share a laugh. 


  • Enhance your selfies and get the most attractive makeover.
  • Use AI to transform your images into anime, cartoons, and more. 
  • Retouch your photos in a few clicks.
  • Try different facial features, such as bears, eyebrows, hairstyles, etc. 

Price: Free, In-app purchase

3. Reface AI

Previously known as Doublicat, Reface AI is one of the most used deepfake apps in 2024. Here you can replace a face from a gif, photo, or video in a few seconds. All you need to do is pick the template of your choice and upload a selfie to swap the face with. Please note that the app doesn’t produce accurate results instantly, and it might take a few tries to achieve the perfect deepfake. 


  • Create high-quality animated versions of your portraits and selfies.
  • Enhance your photos using AI.
  • Animate your images and make them talk, sing, and dance
  • Try different outfits with any photograph

Price: Free, In-app purchase

4. MyHeritage

In 2021, MyHeritage became an internet sensation when people discovered its Deep Nostalgia feature, which could turn any face into an animated short video. While there is no face-swapping or filters available, the app can completely transform ancient photos in a single tap, adding the necessary beauty and flair to make them look like one from yesterday.


  • Animate any photo using the high-tech Deep Nostalgia feature.
  • Enhance your photos using AI retouching.
  • Repair and colorize old damaged photos. 
  • Organize your family photos.

Price: Free, In-app purchase

5. FaceMagic

Facemagic, one of the most used deepfake apps, allows you to use custom faces in any photo, video, or GIF file. You can choose from the vast template library or upload your video to perform the face swap of your choice. The app uses advanced face recognition technology on top of deep Neural Networks to bring you the highest quality outputs. 


  • Upload up to 10-minute videos and swap faces.
  • Replace multiple photos from a video, image, and gif at once.
  • High-end AI deep fake technology to create face swaps in a few seconds.
  • Create movie posters and celebrity face swaps.

Price: Free, In-app purchase

6. Lensa AI

In terms of output quality, Lensa AI is among the best deepfake apps of 2024. While there is no option to swap faces with those in photos and videos, you can generate high-definition portraits using your or anyone’s pictures, as well as implement cool effects such as anime, sketching, and oil painting. Simply upload a few pictures or a video, and transform yourself into a gorgeous person, a superhero, and someone walking on the moon. 


  • Professional-grade face enhancement in a single tap.
  • Retouch your photos and videos seamlessly.
  • Remove unwanted objects from a photo.
  • Generate an AI version of yourself.

Price: Free, In-app purchase

7. Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web is an online tool where you can produce professional-quality deepfake videos with remarkable accuracy. The processing is slow, as the AI engine may take up to 4 hours to analyze the input and an additional 30-40 minutes to finish the product. The only downside is that it requires a system with powerful processing and graphics capabilities to run smoothly.


  • Upload source and target videos and swap the faces easily.
  • Could-based application that keeps your data private and safe.
  • Reuse your trained model to achieve a high level of precision.
  • Completely safe to use.

Price: Free, $19/month

8. Deep Art Effects

Although Deep Art Effects doesn’t have a conventional face-swapping feature, it does use complex AI algorithms to transform your entire image into stunning artwork. According to the developers, the AI brain behind this app is trained using millions of artistic images, including the ones from Vinci, Gogh, and Picasso. With Deep Art, you can scale your image up to four times without compromising the quality, and enhance the colors and the minor details, making it look like from a DSLR camera. It’s an offline app, meaning all your work will only be saved to your device. 


  • Colorize your old photographs with the advanced deepfake algorithm.
  • None of your images are saved to the cloud.
  • Use art filters to apply various effects to your photos.
  • Refine your selfies in a single tap.

Price: Free

9. Wombo AI

Moving on to Wombo AI, a lip-syncing application that has become a sensation following the launch of Instagram reels. The application has a wide selection of templates, including top-trending animations, viral songs, and funny video clips All you need is a picture of your face and you can make yourself sing a song, perform a funny dance, or deliver a hilarious speech. For those looking for an app to make reels or TikTok videos, Wombo is one of the best free deepfake apps/websites available in 2024. 


  • Create up to 1000 avatars using just one selfie.
  • Transform any image into anime, sketch, and oil painting in a single tap.
  • Refine your results by just swiping.
  • Change your face, body, or background using advanced AI technology.

Price: Free

10. Avtarify

Next is Avtarify, a fun little app to insert your face in photos, videos, and gifs. The idea is the same – the app analyzes your facial features and uses AI algorithms to meticulously swap them with the ones in the chosen template. To start with, you have a huge amount of trending animations, gifs, and videos, as well as audio files. All you need to do is upload/take a picture, select a template, pick an audio, and let the app do the magic. If you are looking for an app to make memes for social media, Avtarify is the one for you. 


  • Create animations and gifs out of any photo. 
  • Set an audio track and generate a singing portrait. 
  • Extremely precise results, thanks to the latest deepfake algorithms.
  • Record live deepfake videos and share them with your friends and family.

Price: Free

11. FacePlay

FacePlay is among the best free deepfake apps where you can have fun with your or your friends’ photos and videos. It all starts with a selfie or portrait which you can use with numerous templates, including funny short videos, gifs, and animations. Swap your photo with your favorite celebrity, try different attires, or transform yourself into a person with perfect hair, a chiseled jawline, and dreamy eyes. Although there is an option to purchase paid avatars and effects, it’s very unlikely that you will run out of free templates. 


  • A huge collection of over 1000 templates to start with.
  • Try ethnic attires on your portriats.
  • Create a younger or more mature version of yourself. 
  • Beautify yourself using the one-touch enhancement feature. 

Price: Free

12. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live is a unique application that allows you to swap faces in real time using your phone’s camera. This way you can see what the particular effect or swap would look like. Moreover, you can also use numerous face filters, and effects, and incorporate funny objects into any photo or video. What’s more impressive is that the level of accuracy is very high, and even if some part of your face is in motion, the output will not deteriorate. 


  • Swap faces in real-time video feed from your camera.
  • Replace your face with a celebrity, cartoon character, anime, or other funny photos from your device or internet. 
  • Try different masks and costumes.
  • Use funny 3D filters to transform your selfies. 

Price: $1.99 (Android), $0.99 (iOS)

13. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is more than just face swapper software; it can produce professional-grade videos for you, without needing cameras, models, or a studio. It’s an all-in-one AI video generator where you can develop videos for marketing, business pitch, training, sales, and education just by using a script. To make this possible, the website offers numerous AI avatars who can deliver your message across many styles and languages, targeting your audience effectively. You can use pre-designed avatars, or create one of yourself using a custom video. 


  • Produce high-quality deepfake AI videos in just three steps.
  • More than 100 AI avatars with various ethnicities, outfits, and personalities. 
  • Easy-to-use video editor to fine-tune the results.
  • Create videos in more than 80 languages and 100+ natural-sounding voices.

Price: $30/month, $225/month

14. StudioDeepfake

Although the website is still in beta mode, Studiodeepfake has astonished many photogs with its exceptional precision and output quality. With this online deepfake tool, you can produce AI photos as good as those developed in expensive professional photo studios. Not just your face, you can have fun with different photo settings, and implement numerous effects on the subject as well as the background, to achieve the best possible and realistic deepfake image of anyone. 


  • Try numerous styles with your face, clothing, and background. 
  • Develop and train your deepfake model to get more precise outputs.
  • Generate studio-like photos with an easy text-to-image generator. 
  • Create anime, professional portraits, or a fashionable photo using AI.

Price: Free, $9/month, $82/month

15. Craiyon

Craiyon is a simple web-based application where you can generate deepfake images using natural language prompts. While it lacks photo-enhancing features, you can experiment with different prompts to achieve the desired target. While the free plan offers limited functionality and contains ads, you can get premium features like priority access, expedited photo generation, no ads, and no watermarks just at $6/month. 


  • Can generate multiple deepfakes with a single text prompt. 
  • Create artistic images, realistic photos, or drawings. 
  • Use negative prompts to dictate the output. 
  • Simple background remover.

Price: $6/month, $24/month 


1. Which is the best online deepfake maker?

Deepfakes Web is among the top web-based deepfakes with limited free features. 

2. Are deepfake AI apps safe to use?

As long as you don’t misuse someone’s identity or damage their reputation, it’s fairly safe to use these applications. 

3. Which is the best deepfake app on Android?

DeepSwap is the best and most accurate deepfake app for Android devices. 

If you create and distribute deepfake to harm someone, you can land into legal trouble, given the person files an official complaint. 


And that concludes our overview. Deepfake apps and websites are gaining immense popularity, however, they’ve created a sense of insecurity among individuals. Over the past 18 months, the internet has seen many video scandals, which eventually turned out to be deepfakes. Before you use such platforms, please remember that it’s both unethical and a crime to use someone’s photo without consent. Please be a responsible internet user and protect your and others’ privacy. 


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