What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

While new trends keep popping up constantly, people have changed their ways of texting people. Gone are the old times when people would send long texts to convey their thoughts. Nowadays, everyone uses acronyms while texting to make it convenient and easier to convey stuff that might otherwise end up as a long text. Among the most discussed acronyms used in texting today is ‘GTS on Snapchat.’

Although not a social media application, Snapchat has become a competitor among popular social media and messaging apps like Instagram and X.

Other than sending snaps, people also use the platform to communicate with each other quickly. Among them, the commonly used acronym is GTS.

If you want to know the meaning of GTS on Snapchat, this article is for you. Here, we will take you through the different meanings of the GTS in various contexts, used commonly while texting.

What is GTS?

Like other common acronyms such as ‘LOL,’ ‘BRB,’ and ‘TTYL,’ GTS is rarely used. It is used only while sending specific texts and during conversations. Moreover, it has various meanings depending on the context in which you are texting the other person.

It is important to know all the different versions of this acronym so you do not make mistakes while using it in conversations.

snapchat gts means

You might have seen the usage of the term GTS on Snapchat and other texting platforms. Upon simply googling your doubt, you might come across the most common expansion of the word – ‘Go To Sleep.’

Even then, there are many other instances when this same acronym can be used with a different meaning. We will discuss all the meanings of GTS in the upcoming sections.

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What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat?

Although not very common, GTS can come up while texting occasionally, depending on the context. Even though it is easy for you to pretend to know what it means, sometimes, it can be not easy to guess the meaning of the text when you do not know what GTS is.

This is why we need to know the meaning of GTS on Snapchat. You can find people using this acronym in messages as well as stories.

The most common expansion of GTS is ‘Go To Sleep.’ If you are texting someone on Snapchat and they send you GTS along with their text, it is most likely that the other person is tired and sleepy and is trying to give you a hint about the same. If not, it can also be sent as a message for the other person to go and sleep because they look tired.

Another popular usage of GTS is to convey the ‘Good Times‘ message. It is often used to convey that the other person is happy or having fun. It can also mean that life is fun or good. Normally, the acronym is used in lowercase as ‘gts’ when it is used to convey ‘Good times.’

gts on snapchat chat

GTS might be used by your friends to end conversations on a positive note. It can be used to sarcastically ask someone to sleep well or even to reminisce about the good old fun times spent together. Be it in a friendly way or jokingly used to text people, although it can be used in many other instances, these two are the most common meanings for GTS on Snapchat.

What does GTS mean in the Text?

Acronyms are well known because of their increased popularity and widespread use during texting. These also allow people to convey their emotions quickly through really short texts.

Now that you know what GTS means while texting and sending snaps and stories on Snapchat, let us look into the other meanings of the same acronym commonly used while texting.

1. Good Night, Take Care, Sweet Dreams:

GTS can be used as a short form for Good Night, Take Care, Sweet Dreams, most often used to convey a good night or a great sleep for someone. If the person you are talking to does not appear fine, you can use GTS to show them that you care. Although this one is pretty elaborate, it resembles the ‘Go to Sleep’ version of GTS.

2. Google That Shit:

This can be used when the person you are texting is curious. If you do not wish to elaborate and spend time explaining what they want to know, you can ask them to Google it through the GTS acronym.

It can also be used if you are unsure about something they want to know more about. Although it is mostly used in a friendly way while texting, it can sometimes appear rude, depending on how the other person perceives the meaning.

google that shit

3. Going Through Shit:

If someone you know is going through a bad time, they might use GTS while texting to mention that they are having a tough time.

You can also use this acronym to convey the same feeling in case you need help or have been through a lot recently. In such a context, you can react accordingly and even comfort the person talking to you.

Going Through Shit

Common Meanings of GTS:

Now that we have covered almost all the different meanings for GTS on Snapchat and text, let us quickly look into the different instances where the acronym GTS can be used while texting:

  1. To politely ask someone to go to sleep.
  2. To end a conversation on a good note or to remember the good times.
  3. Wrapping up a conversation when you are about to go and sleep.
  4. To convey a good night and sweet dreams message.
  5. Add captions for pictures that show the good times you have spent.
  6. Ask someone to google the meaning of something they do not know, and you do not feel like answering.
  7. To convey that you are having a hard time.
  8. To continue conversations.


Acronyms are widely used in texting to shorten long messages and convey your thoughts quickly. You might already be familiar with many of the common acronyms used in daily conversations with people you know. Among such words is ‘GTS,’ used while texting.

Although you are most likely to find GTS on Snapchat while chatting with people or viewing the stories posted by others, the same acronym can also have a few other meanings, depending on the context you use it.

In this blog, we have mentioned the various meanings of the ‘GTS’ acronym so that you can use it properly while texting others. If this article is helpful to you, kindly let us know about the same. Also, if you have any other queries or suggestions, you can always share them in the comments!!


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