Snapchat Planets And Solar System Order Explained

If you are a Snapchat Plus member, you might be wondering about the new Snapchat Planets. Snapchat Plus, an optional membership service introduced in late June 2022, unlocks a variety of unique features such as story rewatch count, Snapchat on Desktop, etc. The Friend Solar Systems is also one of such unique characteristics. Let’s check out a complete guide for Snapchat Planets in this article.

Snapchat Plus Planets

What is Snapchat Plus?

As its name suggests, Snapchat Plus (also known as Snapchat+) is a premium, improved version of the online messaging app Snapchat. The monthly subscription fee is $3.99. If you want to join, all you have to do is click the Snapchat+ banner on your profile. You will be able to try it out for free for 7 days before subscribing to a monthly membership.

The additional capabilities provided by Snapchat Plus are more progressive than revolutionary. These are created to simplify things for Snapchat’s most dedicated users. The present “unique features” include Ghost Trails, Best Friends Forever, Story Rewatch Indicator, Snapchat+ Badge, Friends Solar System, etc.

Additional Features of Snapchat Plus

What are Snapchat Planets?

Planets on Snapchat Plus are a creative way to convey your proximity to a Snapchat acquaintance. Your eight uppermost Snapchat friends are awarded a planet based on your mutual interaction. Mercury refers to the closest and Neptune means the most distant contact. Your top eight pals are the folks you snap with and text the most.

You can see a “best friend” or “friend” badge in your buddy’s profile with a golden ring around it. When you tap on the badge, you will learn how much you matter to them as per the hierarchy of the solar system.

best friends in snap

What’s The Order of Snapchat Planet?

Just like our real Solar System, there are eight tiers on Snapchat’s Friends Solar System each with its planet. Based on your relationship with your friend, Snap assigns you or your buddy as the Sun and the other as a planet.

For example, if your friend is the Sun in their solar system and you are emphasized as the Earth, this means you are their third-closest acquaintance. To determine your position in your friend’s Solar System, you must first understand the sequence and appearance of the planets. The Snapchat Plus Friend emoji does not reveal the planet’s name or position, merely an image of the planet is displayed.

The order in which Snapchat Planets have been arranged is as follows:

1. Mercury

Mercury is shown as red hearts on a pink planet. Because Mercury is nearest to the Sun, this planet emoji appears in front of the person who has shared the most streaks with you. You can consider him/her as your closest and best buddy on Snapchat.


2. Venus

The next planet in the Snapchat solar system is Venus, represented by yellow, blue, and pink hearts on a sandy sphere. It stands for the person with whom you have shared the second-most streaks or your second closest friend.


3. Earth

A planet with red hearts, green continents, blue oceans, and the Moon is none other than the Earth. The third planet, Earth, is referred to as the user’s third-closest buddy on Snapchat.


4. Mars

Your fourth best friend as per interaction on Snapchat implies he is the Mars to your Snapchat Solar System. The Mars badge is shown by purple and blue hearts on a red planet.


5. Jupiter

An orange planet without any hearts is Jupiter. It is the fifth planet, therefore, it displays your fifth closest Snapchat friend.


6. Saturn

Saturn is shown as a ringed, yellow planet. It refers to your sixth closest friend on the Snapchat app.


7. Uranus

If a heartless green sphere appears next to a contact in your snap, it means that person is your Uranus or your seventh closest friend.


8. Neptune

Neptune is a blue planet without any hearts or your eighth-best buddy who isn’t that close on Snapchat.


If a person is someone’s closest friend on the app, it will be displayed by the Red Hot Mercury emoji. Similarly, if you are someone’s eighth greatest friend, you will be the farthest from the sun, signified by cold blue Neptune.

Is Your Snapchat Friend’s Solar System Down?

If you browse your closest friends’ accounts and no golden ring can be seen around their friend status, Snapchat’s solar system might not be working. Yet, this is not always the case.

There are just two viable reasons in this scenario. To begin with, you must be on their list of best friends to view your location in their solar system. Secondly, both you and your buddy must have a connected Bitmoji to observe the Friend Solar Systems.

End Note

The new feature of Snapchat Plus ranks friends according to planets in the solar system. It’s a bit strange, especially if you have taken a break from Snapchat for a while and are now learning about this. Sadly, many of the distinctive aspects of the formerly very well-liked app can now be found in other types of social media. Yet, both new and experienced users are discussing this fresh feature.

We hope you got an idea about Snapchat Planets after going through this article. If you still have any queries, kindly post them in the comments section.


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