30 Useless Websites That Are Fun To Use

Boredom is what the majority of individuals find annoying, especially those who want adventure and excitement at every point in their lives. It’s not an easy task to stay idle for hours. So, we have enumerated the 30 best useless websites in this article to keep you occupied and make time fly by without even realizing it.

These websites are primarily meant for enjoyment and fun, but at the same time, there are unforeseen random things that can surprise you. These useless websites provide an enjoyable escape from the hardships of daily life. Go through the article and explore these interesting websites one by one.

Useless Websites

30 Best Useless Websites in 2024

Here are the 30 best useless websites in 2024 on the internet! Some people have a lot of free time, so they have made all these bizarre and pointless websites. They are, however, a lot of fun, and you may try them out for yourself!

1. Random Things to Do

As the name suggests, this website contains a list of activities to pass the time when you are bored. They also provide ideas for things to do with pals, when you are not alone. A few things might include making a prank call to someone, sending a foolish SMS to a friend/relative, or telling your brother or sister a silly joke. Alternatively, one try writing a short story or making a humorous video as per the suggestions that appear on the website.

Random Things to Do

2. Procatinator

Why procrastinate when you have a ‘Procatinator’? This funny website was designed on December 4, 2011, by Ernesto and Claudia Mussett, a Barcelona-based art director, interactive designer, and illustrator. When you visit the site, a cute cat video and a random song will be loaded. Once you press the ‘click here’ button, both will be played together. Watch the video and listen to the song to pass your time and kill boredom!


3. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood gives the most popular rain experience on the internet. To help them sleep, study, and unwind, millions of people utilize Rainy Mood. You can use the feature-rich iOS/Android app or simply enjoy the free online version. ‘Rainy Mood’ is even available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Rainy Mood

4. Where is the Sloth?

This is another best useless websites on the Internet. On visiting the website, a box will appear with the message ‘Where is the sloth?’ and a ‘Go’ button. Once you click ‘Go’, your cursor will be replaced with a white circle, navigate around your screen to find the sloth. Once found, meme music will be played in the background and an ‘Again?’ box will appear.

Where is the Sloth

5. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

Patience is all you need on this website. A countdown timer appears on the screen and you are not supposed to touch your mouse or keyboard for 2 minutes. If you fail to do so, a ‘try again’ message appears and the timer starts all over again. If you succeed, a ‘Well done’ prompt will be displayed on your screen. One can use this site to kill boredom, calm the mind, and develop control and patience.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes


Up for a color game? Here’s this website. There are 3 alphabets: R, G, and B in front of a black background. When you move your mouse or point at a specific letter, the background color changes respectively. ‘R’ gives you a red, ‘B’ gives you a blue, and ‘G’ gives you a green background.


7. Falling Guy

Want to make this guy fall (or rise)? One simply needs to scroll up or down through the mouse. In the home screen, your drop is 0 meters initially. Now, if you scroll up, your drop is negative and you move amidst the clouds. If you scroll down, you move inside the ground, and that adds to a positive drop. At the bottom right, you can see your current direction, your total drop, and the social drop. The current social drop is around 3.8 trillion meters.

Falling Guy

8. What’s My Starbucks Name?

The 8th website on our list of 30 best useless websites is – ‘What’s My Starbucks Name?’. This is a site developed by Justin Hook, who is a writer, producer, and coder. You will see a message on your screen that says: ‘Can I get a name for your order?’ Provide any name in the textbox below and click the to-go cup at the right. Another box will appear mentioning the order and its owner’s name.

What's My Starbucks Name?

9. Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

I am pretty sure you must have played this game in your childhood. It provides a good solution to get rid of your boredom. You will be provided with 3 choices of rock, paper, and scissors. Choose one of them, your opponent’s choice will be auto-generated. Play and win, lose or tie! Click on ‘PLAY AGAIN?’ for more matches. A cumulative score will be generated after each round.

Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

10. WindowSwap

A website once went viral on TikTok that allowed users to share their views and observe others via windows all across the world. The website is known as ‘WindowSwap’, which means the exchange of windows. It is unexpectedly soothing. You can sign up to this website via Google or Facebook, create your account, show your window to the world, and see others!


11. Find the Invisible Cow

This is another useless website designed by Mike Berman – a senior frontend developer, but it is really fun and worth it. Test your hearing power and find the animals hiding in there. Don’t forget to turn on the audio before beginning the game. As you get closer to the hidden cow/goat, the shouting becomes louder. This, thus helps you to spot the invisible animal. If you find one, a ‘congratulations’ message is displayed along with your total score.

Find the Invisible Cow

12. Passive Aggressive Passwords

Tobias van Schneider and Tim Holman created the Passive Aggressive Password (PaP) Machine as a side project and as an experiment in terms of simplified design. What you need to do is simply input a password, any combination of letters, words, special characters, numbers, etc. will do, and the PaP Machine will give you its opinion about how strong it is. The fun fact is: no matter how much you try, this machine will never be happy!

Passive Aggressive Passwords

13. End of the Internet

This website satirically claims itself to be the end of the internet. It tells that you are at the Internet’s end and exhorts you to switch off your device and engage with the outside world.

End of the Internet

14. Heeeeeeeey.com

Another one on the list of 30 best useless websites is heeeeeeeey.com. All you have to do is sit back and watch the pattern change from ‘heeeeeey’ to ‘hoooooo’. This site is designed by Mike Bodge, a product engineer and net artist working with the latest technologies and platforms.


15. Cat Bounce

Tara Sinn designed Cat Bounce in 2012, and Nick Hulea updated it in 2017 to work with modern browsers. This website was the winner of the Webby Award for Weirdest Website in 2019. Some cats bounce higher than others. If you are losing cats, handle them with more care.

Cat Bounce

16. Papertoilet

This is simply a toilet paper roll, which you can roll and unroll endlessly, by scrolling your mouse up or down at your will. This site is a creation of Rafael Rozendaal, a programmer and web designer.


17. Staggering Beauty

This useless website contains a wiggly worm that moves as per your mouse and blinks sometimes. The worm will move right or left, and if you scroll too fast, the worm goes crazy and dances in front of a colorful flashing background.

Staggering Beauty

18. Pointless.com

Welcome to the Pointless.com. The homepage says ‘Show me a Pointless Website’. When you click on the ‘Website’ button, you will be presented with useless and pointless content. Clicking on ‘More Pointless’ will give you more interesting stuff to pass your time.


19. ClickToRemove

What can be more useless? As the name suggests, click on an alphabet to remove it from its place. When you remove all the letters, the site will be reloaded with the same message.

Click to remove

20. Jacksonpolock

Are you an art fan? If yes, then this useless site is meant for you. The site is named after Jackson Pollock, who was an American artist, widely known for his “drip style” of painting. As you open the site, by default it will start drawing some black dots and lines in the direction of your cursor. Click the mouse to change the color and continue painting.


21. The Long Doge Challenge

Another one on the list of 30 best useless websites is ‘The Long Doge Challenge’. Keep scrolling down endlessly to collect more and more no. of ‘WOWS’. Initially, you will have 4 wows and your dog will be ‘wow’ long. You can even print your dog, but it won’t be of any use!

Long Doge Challenge

22. Koalas to the Max dot Com

This site has been made by Vadim Ogievetsky for Annie Albagly. You will be presented with a single huge circle at first. It will further get subdivided into smaller and smaller circles as soon as you touch them or point over them. So, be careful with your mouse!

Koalas to the Max dot com

23. Patience is a virtue

No matter how patient you are, this site is not gonna show you any relevant results. Different messages will appear as time passes by. Share it with your friends and family to check their level of patience.

Patience is a virtue

24. FFFFidget

This website is also designed by Mike Bodge. In just two weeks of its launch, the site earned approx. 70 million spins. There lies a virtual fidget spinner, which you can spin clockwise and anti-clockwise. Watch the spinner spinning with simultaneous changes in background colors.


25. Intotime

Intotime.com was designed in the year 2010 by Rafaël Rozendaal, a New York-based visual artist. Clicking anywhere on the screen will divide it into two symmetric colorful halves, separated by a border. Each section changes its color gradually.


26. Scanwiches

Welcome to another best useless website, created by Jon Chonko. Type anything in the search bar, such as sandwiches, burgers, etc. Related images will appear on your screen. Ah, but you can’t order them, just look and enjoy!


27. Falling Falling

This useless website is a collection of colorful rectangles or polygons falling one behind the other with added background music that adds to the illusional experience.

Falling Falling

28. Partridge Gets Lucky

Check out how Alan Partridge is enjoying himself and dancing to some music in his room, on a loop!

Partridge Gets Lucky

29. Eel slap!

The second last useless website on our list is eelslap.com. When you visit the site, you can see a man sitting normally, but as you move your cursor right to left, an eel arm slaps the man. Move your mouse to and fro to watch this on repeat. This website has received the Webby Award and the Lovie Award for being the weirdest website.

Eel Slap!

30. Every Day I’m

The last website among the 30 best useless websites is everydayim.com. Nothing happens as long as your cursor is away from the word HUSTLIN’, but once you hover over it, background colors start to change, and audio is played that says ‘Every day I’m hustling’.

Everyday I'm

End Note

We presented you with the 30 best useless websites in 2024 on the Internet which you can browse through if you are too bored and have nothing to do. Return to reality once you have spent enough time on these websites and let us know which you liked the most in the comments!


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