Best VR Apps For Android In 2024 – Experience The Real World

Virtual reality has been trending among people regardless of any specific sector or industry. Whether it is entertainment or education, we can find the use of VR everywhere around us. However, it is also noticed that VR ain’t that futuristic anymore, but they ain’t in its infancy yet. With the evolution of phones, even VR apps are improving and making a strong platform for themselves, especially in the case of Android phones. 

We prominently know that VR headsets for Android phones are way more affordable compared to iPhones. Keeping this in mind, VR app developers are continuously improving their apps. But have you tried any VR apps yet? If not, then I have shortlisted the 10 best VR apps for Android you shouldn’t miss on your Android phone.

What Are VR Apps?

As we know VR is an environment created around us through computers that make scenes and objects appear real in our surroundings. In simple words, we can say that VR brings the imaginary world of developers right in front of our eyes like it is real. 

And Virtual Reality Applications are apps that are specifically designed to make use of VR. And bring different kinds of experiences in front of you. It can be a tour of a new world, how a surgery takes place or it can even be in a haunted city.

There are about more than 8000 VR headset apps available in the market. And all these apps are different from each other based on characteristics, brand, and features. So, you can consider that you can experience numerous worlds and situations without getting out of your house through VR apps. 

10 Best VR Apps For Android:

As we have cleared what VR apps are, now let’s take a step further and begin the list of the best VR apps for Android you should try right now.

1. Sinespace

Living and experiencing others’ created virtual worlds is common. But what if I tell you that you can customize your 3D world and experience it through VR? Well, yes, Sinespace makes it possible to complete this desire. Sinespace is a free multiplayer online application. This allows you to create and sell 3D content like clothes, avatars, and more. 

Sinespace was initially released in 2016, and soon it became famous among people due to its unique concept. This game allows players to create 3D worlds, including animals, vehicles, clothing, mini-games, and more. In addition to this, you can also buy or sell these contents for fiat currency. Sinespace can be a source of income with fun.

2. Fulldive VR

Can VR be used for entertainment besides playing games? Yes, it can be, and the Fulldive VR app can do this with ease. Fulldive is a user-generated social platform that can help you use hundreds of VR apps in just one App. Sounds interesting, right?

As we said before, being a social platform Fulldive VR app allows its users to comment, follow, like, post, and share videos and other content on the platform. Besides this, you can also earn through this app in the form of cryptocurrencies and gift cards for performing simple tasks like chatting, listening to music, etc.

What I loved the most about Fulldive VR is its video streaming feature. By downloading this single app, you can browse, watch YouTube videos, watch YouTube 360° videos, play VR online games, and more. 

3. VR Thrills Roller Coaster 360

Love Watching Roller Coaster rides but are unable to try due to phobia? Then I have covered it for you. The fourth app on our list can help you experience and enjoy the thrills of Roller Coaster rides created by yourself through VR. 

The VR Thrills Roller Coaster 360 is an adventure game that lets you create and view the roller coaster ride in 360° virtual reality. In addition to this, VR Thrills Roller Coaster 360 Allows multiplayer mode.

Therefore, you can enjoy epic 3D rides created by yourself with your friend. This aw-dropping game isn’t limited to only one type of Role Coaster ride; you can customize different rides in different locations for more fun and a great experience at no cost.

4. Sisters

We considered entertainment, games, and adventure on our list, then how could I miss spooky games? So, if you enjoy listening to ghost stories, then Sisters can help you to experience something similar to it. If you have a misunderstanding that a game can never scare you, then this app can clear the assumption. 

Sisters is a horror game that lets you experience the story of two interactive Sisters from the other world. Sister has been a popular game with more than 3.5 million players around the globe. From its 360° visuals to background audio, everything can get you on your nerves.

5. Google Earth VR

World tours can be a bit expensive, and what if you go there and don’t like the view much? Complicated right? But VR has a solution to this. Google Earth VR was released in 2016. Soon it got popular among users due to its powerful concept. Google Earth VR is an app that lets you explore and experience different cities, landmarks, and more around the globe by just sitting at your home.

The app has a search engine where you can search for different cities and addresses you want to explore. The recent update of the app has even more to offer. The developers have added a new feature where users can experience a Street View of 85 countries right in front of them through VR.

6. InCell VR

The sixth app on my list is a unique game with a unique concept. InCell is a racing and action game that requires you to keep your brain and body active at the same time. InCell VR game lands you in an unusual micro world where you have to survive and complete the tasks.

The micro unusual world that InCell VR throws you in is of human cells where you have to survive and stop the virus from spreading around in advance. The most unique aspect of the game is that it lets you understand cell structure and organelles functions closely as it is very similar to the real human body. In addition to this, you must try this game if you want to check your VR and learn more about cell structures.

7. House of Terror

Adding one more spooky app to the list, we have House of Terror: Valerie’s Revenge. House of Terror is a spooky VR game in which you have to move around in a dark house filled full of traps and monsters.

The only way to rescue yourself is by solving puzzles, searching for clues, and, most essentially, surviving in that dark environment. House of Terror is not just an escape game. The game has its storyline where you have to investigate and understand the backstory to rescue and come out of the house alive. If you want spy games with a pinch of a thriller, then you have to try this one. 

8. YouTube VR

Want an immersive experience while watching regular YouTube videos? Then you just install YouTube VR  on your Android phone. YouTube VR is an official VR app that allows you to watch and search 360 videos and VR content with the use of headsets and essential devices.

Being smartphone users, we all know that YouTube isn’t an optional app, but it is an essential part of our daily routine. And nothing can be better than experiencing immersive YouTube videos. YouTube VR is an application that contains VR Content and 360° videos for VR fans.

9. VaR’s VR videos Player

Moving on to the ninth app, VaR’s VR Video Player is a free-to-use VR player for streaming and watching 3D and VR videos. This app gives you full control and supports all types of modes. Therefore, if you love watching movies, Ted talks, or any other types of videos, then you must not forget to include this app in your android device.

The key point I liked in this VR Video Player is that you can enjoy a true VR experience with Customization as preferred. The app allows you to control display parameters, the field of view, brightness, eye distance, and more. Besides this, it also offers different options in modes including 180°, 360°, stacked, etc.

10. VR Crazy Swing

Coming to the end of the long list with a fantastic game. VR Crazy Swing game. Above in the list, we mentioned a VR roller coaster ride. And now I am back again with a similar game, but this it’s Swing. When I say swing, you would be imagining a kindergarten playground, but this VR is entirely different.

VR Crazy Swing is exactly like its name. And if you want to get over acrophobia, then you must try this game. VR Crazy Swing takes you to play with spooky and jaw-dropping swings in the VR world. And once you start riding the swing you can’t estimate the thrill you are going to experience.  


Downloading any VR app can hardly take you minutes, but choosing the most convenient and desired one isn’t an easy task. I can relate to your challenge. Going to the app store, finding thousands of apps, and coming without installing any isn’t a new concept.

We all do that. Therefore, to help you out with this issue, in this blog, I covered all essential VR apps from different genres so that you can end the blog while choosing any of these.  


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