7 Best VR Headsets for iPhone 15

The gaming experience on VR is something that can’t be explained in simple words and If you happen to own an iPhone 15 and are looking to get any of the best VR headsets for iPhone 15, you are at the right place as I have got some top options for you.

Some users of iPhone 15 aren’t sure which one to pick as the latest iPhone is just a couple of months old and most people don’t know if a specific VR might be compatible with their device and that’s the reason I have made this post for people like that. Let’s jump into the main topic and see which VR you should go for.

7 Best VR headsets for iPhone 15 in 2024

Here are the top 7 VR headsets I have for you that you can consider buying right now:

1. SHINECON VR Headset With Stereo Headphones

The first option I have for you is the SHINECON VR Headset which comes with a variety of useful features including Stereo Headphones. This VR headset is perfectly compatible with your iPhone 15 device and you can get your hands on this one for an affordable price of just under $25.

Let’s take a look the the overall specifications of this VR headset.

Specs Overview of SHINECON VR Headset:

  1. Anti-Blue Light & Fully Adjustable Lenses.
  2. Weights only 0.46 lbs (0.21 kg).
  3. Compatible with iPhone 12,13,14,15, Mini, and more.
  4. Adjustable focal distance.
  5. Pretty easy and straightforward to use.


  • Compatible with a wide range of phones including iPhone 15.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry on the go.
  • Supports wearing glasses.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Multiple color options such as Black, Black Silver, G04EA stand-alone, and more.


  • Might not be compatible with some other brands like Samsung or Motorola.
  • Build quality should have been better.
  • The remote doesn’t work sometimes.

2. Feebz VR Headset – Virtual Reality Goggles Set

If you are in the market for a premium VR headset at an affordable and is compatible with your iPhone 15 smartphone, then the Feebz VR Headset might be the right fit for you. It comes at a price tag of just $60 and it is suitable for both kids as well as adults. One of the best parts about this VR, you’ll get Instructions for VR beginners while buying it which is pretty useful for those who haven’t used VR before.

Specs Overview of Feebz VR Headset:

  1. It is equipped with free VR apps, games, & videos.
  2. Feebz BT remote is compatible with iPhone 15 and other devices.
  3. Offers high-quality black fabric carrying travel case.
  4. Weighs 0.9 lbs (0.4 kg)
  5. Available in Silver, Red, Blue, and Black.


  • Offers a lot of digital content for free.
  • Is compatible with almost all smartphones including iPhone 15.
  • Budget-friendly VR headset.
  • Suitable for a perfect gift.


  • Content for iPhone users a limited.
  • Might face issues with double vision sometimes.

3. VR EMPIRE VR Headset

If you are looking for a headset that lets you enjoy movies and play games without spending too much from your pocket, I would highly recommend you take a look at the VR EMPIRE VR Headset. It comes in a range of anywhere between $40 and $50 and is equipped with a lot of powerful features.

Specs Overview of VR EMPIRE VR Headset:

  1. Compatible with almost all the phones on the market whether it is Android or iPhone.
  2. Anti-blue lights lens.
  3. Adjustable Headband.
  4. Built-in speakers.
  5. Has a remote control for gaming purposes.


  • Reasonably priced VR headset.
  • Build quality is excellent without extra weight.
  • Connects easily with any smartphone device.
  • It is rechargeable via a USB cord.
  • The head strap is smooth and comfortable.


  • The control doesn’t come with batteries. You have to buy them separately.
  • The build quality of the hand controller is poor.

4. Homido VR Headset V2

If you are a person who wears glasses, however, you aren’t sure which VR headset you should go for, you can stop your search now as Homido VR Headset V2 is here to serve you. It is an excellent VR headset that is suitable for people who wear glasses regularly and it does come with a price range of just $50.

Specs Overview of Homido VR Headset V2:

  1. Adjustable pupil distance and object distance.
  2. Has extremely soft and thick foam.
  3. Weighs 0.88 lbs (0.4kg).
  4. Compatible with iPhone 15 and similar other devices.
  5. It is sweatproof.


  • Googles are pretty well built.
  • Is perfectly compatible with iPhone 15.
  • VR Googles have multiple adjustment options.


  • The action button doesn’t work properly.
  • Googles are pretty heavy.

5. BNEXT VR Headset

The BNEXT VR Headset is the cheapest VR headset on this list and If you are looking for such an affordable option for your iPhone 15, you won’t go wrong with this one. It is going to just cost you $12 and it is pretty rare to find such an option, to say the least. However, this VR headset might not be compatible with the Pro version of iPhone 15.

Specs Overview of BNEXT VR Headset:

  1. Advanced VR gaming technology.
  2. Fully adjustable head strap.
  3. It is Sweatproof.
  4. Eyesight protection system.
  5. Has exclusive VR content.
  6. Compatible with most phones.


  • One of the cheapest VR headsets out there.
  • An adjustable head strap does help to play games for longer periods.
  • Adjustable Goggles are a plus.


  • Build quality should have been better.

6. Phone VR Headsets – Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

This VR headset is also by VR EMPIRE which we talked about earlier however, it costs relatively cheaper than that and still offers a lot of features for its pricing. You won’t be having any issues while using this VR headset with your iPhone 15 as it is perfectly compatible with it.

Specs Overview of Phone VR Headsets – Immersive Virtual Reality Experience:

  1. Anti-blue light lenses.
  2. Built-in wireless earphones.
  3. Compatible with Nintendo Switch and similar devices.
  4. Includes remote control for gaming.
  5. Compatible with smartphones with up to 7.3 inches screen size.


  • Offers great value for money.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Excellent build quality.


  • The nose price isn’t comfortable.
  • Remote control isn’t pretty useful.

7. VR Headset Metaverse And Games With Hand Remote

The last VR headset I have for you will cost you less than $30 and is a perfect option you can consider using with your iPhone 15 models. Apart from the iPhone 15, this VR headset is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices too. If you ever want to try this VR headset with some other smartphones, you won’t have any issues.

Specs Overview of VR Headset Metaverse:

  1. Compatible with most Android and iOS devices.
  2. Includes VR goggles for the metaverse.
  3. Hand controller.
  4. Includes Remote Control.


  • The pricing of the VR headset is affordable.
  • The inclusion of Remote control and hand controller gives an advantage over other similar products.
  • Suitable for Metaverse experience.


  • Build quality isn’t up to the mark.


Buying a VR headset is sometimes confusing as you’ll find a lot of options from various marketplaces and that’s why I have made it easier for people like you to pick the best VR headsets for iPhone 15 without compromising on the quality as well as with the right budget.

I hope you have decided on which one to go for after reading this post. If you have any other questions in your mind, do let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks.


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