Is ChatGPT Down? Check Server Status And Outages

ChatGPT took the world by storm in the November of 2022. It quickly garnered over 100 million users in the first two months.

And became the fastest-growing consumer application software in the world. Practically everyone on the internet today has participated in, heard, or witnessed the ChatGPT craze. Everyone, from coders to writers, rushed to test their linguistic and response abilities by themselves. However, this does come with a price.

After all, there is only so much traffic a server can take. The initial months saw exponential growth and required scaling capabilities of the level of Facebook and Instagram. This plagued the platform with server overloading issues. And limited access to the chatbot.

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The popularity and the craze for ChatGPT are yet to lose their momentum. And with no end in sight, the server outages continue to persist even today. However, we are here to help you figure out if the issues you are facing in ChatGPT are from your end or at the server’s end. So let’s find out, ‘is ChatGPT down?’

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 large language models. Or simply, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot. People went crazy over its almost human-like responses and its ability to hold complex conversations.

The chatbot uses an autoregressive model, which means that it can refer to your previous responses and answer your questions accordingly. For example, if you mention that something traumatic happened to you in the past. Chances are, the reactions thereafter will be more empathetic.

Besides holding human-like and meaningful conversations, ChatGPT can also write code in almost all popular computer languages. Although not always correct, it is very impressive nonetheless. You can also commission ChatGpt to write you an article, summarise a piece of text or do your homework.

It is so common that universities have started using AI detectors to catch students using ChatGPT to do their homework. This makes ChatGPT one of the most important influencers of the near-future tech ecosystem.

Is ChatGPT Down Today?- How To Check ChatGPT Server Status?

Is ChatGPT down? You can conclusively decide by following these three steps:

1. Check If The Issue Is In Your End

If you can’t access ChatGPt and you can’t figure out why. It is probably because of either of two reasons. First, your network connection is poor. And second, ChatGPT is at capacity. You can check if your internet connection is down by opening another website on another tab.

If it fails to load, you need to check your wifi or repair whatever loose link is holding up your internet connection. If ChatGPT is reloading without any hassle, and you see a message which says ‘ChatGPT is at capacity,’. It means that the servers are being overloaded by traffic and are failing to process your request.

2. Check OpenAI Server Status

You can check the status of all OpenAI’s services at OpenAI’s official live status website. This includes the live status of ChatGPT. While the Down Detector relies on the input of users to determine the status of the ChatGPT. OpenAI Status gives the live broadcast of the server’s status directly from the server farm. Making it a more reliable source of ai status

You can also check the status of all the services offered by OpenAI on this same website, along with its historic downtime data.

3. Use DownDetector Site

You can go to DownDetector to check if ChatGPT is down when you are using it. Down Detector is a very versatile website. You can check the status of all sorts of things here, including the mobile network carrier of your locality or your ISP’s connectivity. You can conclusively move forward after checking the status of both ChatGPT and your internet on the same platform.down detector

You can also see the graph of historic server outages of ChatGPT with details of how long the outages lasted.

What Can I Do if ChatGPT Is Down?

If you have referred to the websites above and concluded that the ChatGPT server is indeed down, here are a couple of options you can try:

  1. Use ChatGPT Alternatives: There are plenty of AI chatbot alternatives available for free use. Most of them are either based on the same GPT 3 model or are a product of the same parent company, OpenAI. You can find the link to ChatGPT alternatives here.
  2. Wait for a while: Server overloading is caused by congestion at the server. At its core, it is just another delay. It might take some time, but it is bound to be resolved. You can just wait till it happens.
  3. Refresh your page: This can clear the cache and send new data requests which just might pass through the bottleneck. Even though it is taking off throwing darts in the dark, it is worth trying.
  4. Use VPN: You can remotely send requests from any corner of the world by using a VPN. Your request’s chances increase exponentially if you change your region.
  5. Use premium: OpenAI has announced premium plans for ChatGPT users. For just $20 a month, you can experience VIP treatment from OpenAI. You will be given priority access to the service during downtime. The premium plan, for now, is only available in the US.


The enduring popularity of ChatGPT shows no signs of waning. As hordes of users converge on the platform, occasional server issues are inevitable. Fortunately, the dedicated team at OpenAI is tirelessly addressing these challenges, ensuring that a prompt and effective solution is never far off. We trust that our guide has successfully navigated you through any obstacles, leading you to the corner where resolution awaits.


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