Spotify Student Discount 2024: How To Claim Yours?

Spotify is an app that lets you listen to podcasts and videos. It has thousands of songs, podcasts, and videos from people all over the world. It is a very common app that people and students use for entertainment, education, or just to pass the time. Here, we will look into the procedures for how a student can avail of the Spotify Student Discount.

With over 70 million recordings available on the site, Spotify includes virtually every imaginable. Podcasts are also plentiful on Spotify, with many exclusive to the service. No matter what kind of people like to listen to, Spotify has something for everyone.

Now, if you are a student, then all the basic content on the App, ranging from songs, playlists, and podcasts, and the option to create podcasts, is completely free. You can simply log in to Spotify using your e-mail and Password and access this content available. If you want access to more features, then you need Spotify Premium.

This is not a choosy option for students. Students are always on the lookout for Spotify Student Discounts. Here, we tell you how to enroll and use Spotify Student Discounts if you are a student.

If you are a student in the US or the UK, you can get Student Discounts for sure!

Spotify Student Discount 2023

What Exactly is Spotify’s Student Discount?

Spotify Student Discount is only available to “students at an accredited higher education institution,” according to Spotify. So you have to be enrolled in a or to take advantage of it. Students are not eligible for the same.

If you’ve already tried Spotify Premium, you can’t get the student discount. You have to join as a new member or upgrade from a non-premium account. Students who meet the requirements can get a free month of Spotify Premium in the United States before paying $4.99 per month for a membership. The regular monthly fee of $9.99 is reduced by 50% with this offer.

This offer is good for up to 48 months, that is, for 4 years. In addition to this, you’ll also be getting a Hulu plan, worth $5.99 per month, and a Kickoff enrollment, worth $10.99 per month, notwithstanding Spotify Premium.

You can use three different Spotify services and save $21.98 per month with the Spotify Student Discount. Unfortunately, the student discount is not quite as generous in the UK. Students receive a free month of Spotify Premium, which costs £5.99 per month compared to the standard price of £9.99. You can take advantage of this Student Discount for a maximum of 48 months.

Spotify Discount for Student 2023

1. Eligibility:

To qualify for the Spotify Student Premium Account, you need to be a student enrolled at any US Title IV accredited or and above the age of 18. Students studying abroad are also eligible if the account’s country matches where the student is enrolled.

How To Get a Spotify Student Discount?

It’s easy to switch from your free Spotify account to the Spotify Premium Student account.

It is very similar to creating a Spotify Premium Account. Before anything, if you haven’t made a Spotify Record yet, do that!

You only need to connect your Facebook account or sign up with your email address and Password to create a Spotify account. Further, follow the steps given below to avail of the Spotify Student Discount available.

Step 1– Make sure you are actively enrolled so that you qualify for the eligibility criteria set by the App for the Spotify Student Discounts. Spotify uses a Sheer ID portal to verify your Student Details.

Step 2- Go to Log in to your Spotify account by entering your credentials.

How To Get a Spotify Student Discount?

Step 3– Click on your Profile, in the top right corner.

Step 4– Select ‘Account’. You can view information about your account.

Step 5– Select the Subscriptions option. Select the ‘Premium for Students’ option. Enter your Name, Age, and Name as per the requirements on the page.

Step 6– Verify that you are a Student using the blue button below. Spotify will direct you to the Student Verification Status.

Step 7– Your Spotify Student Premium account will be activated.

In case you do not get your account approved, you can retry by entering your details again.

If you are still unable to verify your Student Account, either you are ineligible for the Premium Student Discount, or you have already claimed this discount with a different Spotify Account and exceeded the limit of four years.

Step 8– Once you have been verified as a Student, you will be redirected to the Payments page.

After successful Payment, your account will automatically update as a Student Premium account.

Note that this Spotify Student Discount is available only for 12 months, after which you will have to sign up for it again. This Student Premium will only be available for 4 years from the start date.

What Should You Do If The Automatic Verification Fails?

In case the Automatic Verification of your Student Premium Account fails, you can follow the following steps to try and go through the process again.

1. Go to and click on ‘Get Started’.

2. Log in to your account by entering your credentials.

3. Click on Manually Verify.

4. Enter your information and click Next

5. Click on ‘Choose File’ to select your documents to be uploaded

6. Select your Allotment proof from the list of Documents from your device. Click Upload.

7. Click on ‘Choose File’ to select another Document in the same way for additional proof, else, click on ‘Upload Document’ to continue.

8. If the verification becomes successful, your account will be verified as a Spotify Student Premium Account.

If the Automatic Verification and the Manual Verification have failed, then you can try to contact Spotify Customer Care and enquire further.

Benefits of Spotify Premium Account:

Here are some benefits of a premium account.

  1. You do not have to use the Shuffle mode to listen to songs again.
  2. You have the provision to skip tracks that you do not want to listen to.
  3. Spotify Premium provides quality streaming at 320 Kbps, which means you can listen to your favorite songs at better audio quality.
  4. You can Download songs and tracks you want.
  5. Offline listening is possible.


One of the many benefits available to students is Spotify Student Discounts offered by Spotify Premium. It’s a great deal, and you get access to great, which could be helpful while you study. You will also be able to access podcasts made by creators from all over the world offline. These podcasts can help you develop your personality, relieve boredom, or just kill some time while you learn something useful.

Spotify Premium, with the Student Discounts, is now available to students in 33 countries for a free three-month trial that includes streaming at half price. In addition to having access to 20 million songs, Student Discount Premium subscribers can listen to any song they want, whenever they want, ad-free.

Pay attention to your Spotify Premium record on the web, on your telephone, on your tablet, or through your home theater setup. You can even offline your collection to listen to it wherever you want without using up all of your data.

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