What Does ‘X’ Mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most frequently used Apps by many people when interacting with their friends through texts, snaps, stories, and stickers. With the option to add friends quickly and accept follow requests you get from others, it is easy to connect with people on this App.

Along with its various features, the App includes icons and emojis to denote specific matters. If you are a frequent user of this platform, you might have noticed a weird X on Snapchat chat tabs. It is a newly introduced code on the App, and many users find it difficult to encode the proper meaning.

If you have also encountered this X on Snapchat while you scroll through your chats and are confused about what it means, this article is for you. Here, we will explain everything about this code and why it might appear to you.

What Does X Mean On Snapchat?

Usually, an X next to a person’s name on Snapchat you are not friends yet. It can be either due to you not accepting their friend request or them not accepting yours.

It can also have other meanings, depending on whether you find this icon in the chats or while taking Snaps. If you find an X on Snapchat when you scroll through someone’s name in the chats tab, it can also be because they have blocked or unadded you on the App.

A grey X in the place of the camera icon on any person’s chat means you cannot send Snaps to them until they add you as a friend or vice versa.

snapchat x

Sometimes, if the X appears on a person’s chat you were previously friends with, it can be because they have unfriended or blocked you. If none of these cases are valid, and if the gray X on Snapchat still appears, it can be due to a minor glitch in the App, which can be fixed mostly by restarting the App or device.

How to Get Rid of the X on Snapchat?

Now that you know that the X icon on Snapchat can have various meanings, you might be confused about what it exactly is if you see it while using it. However, whenever you encounter the X icon, you can follow some common steps mentioned in this section below, by which you can get rid of it.

  1. Find the correct location of the X icon. Check if it appears on the chat page, in the conversation, or next to a friend’s name when you open the App.
  2. If you see the X symbol instead of the Camera icon on a friend’s chat, open the chat and check if there is an Add Friend option available. If so, click on it to accept the pending request. You can also choose to reject the pending request if needed.
Get Rid of the X on Snapchat

3. In case a tiny X icon appears next to a message or snap that you have attempted to send to someone, then that is because it has not been delivered properly. You can click on the icon to resend or delete the message.

4. If the X appears next to a conversation, you can eliminate it by swiping left on the icon and clicking on the ‘Clear’ option. This will delete the entire chat as well.

What to do if the X icon Appears as a glitch?

Sometimes, the gray X on Snapchat might still be visible even though you have accepted the friend request. In such cases, it is better to clear the App cache as there might be minor glitches causing this problem. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Profile by clicking on the Profile icon.
  2. In the My Profile section, click on the gear-shaped icon in the top right corner of the page.
My Profile section

3. Click on the ‘Clear Cache’ option in the Settings.

X icon Appears as a glitch

4. On iOS, you will see a ‘Clear All’ option, which will appear as ‘Continue’ for Android users. Click on it to proceed with the cache clearing.

clear cache

Once the process is completed, close the App and restart it to check if the glitch has been resolved. Clearing the App cache will not delete any of your App data. It only clears the storage space in the App by deleting any unwanted and corrupted files.

Frequently asked questions:

What to do if the X icon appears on Snapchat even if you are friends?

Check if the person has unfriended you by mistake. If so, you can accept the request again, and the X will disappear. If this is not the case, this can be an error caused due to some bug in the app. Try refreshing the app or restarting the device. This will most likely solve the problem.

Why does an X icon appear after my Snap has been delivered to the person?

This might be because they have blocked you or unadded you after you have sent the snap. Initially, while you were friends, your snap was delivered. Once the other person unfriends you, the X icon appears, and your Snaps or texts will not be delivered to them afterward.

Why is my message failing to send on Snapchat?

This can be because of a network issue. Snapchat requires a proper internet connection for you to send and receive snaps. Check if your internet connection is proper. If not, change to a different network, click on the X symbol on the failed message, and click on ‘Resend’ to try sending it again.


Snapchat has its unique codes to convey information to all its users. From fire emoji for streaks, hourglass for streaks that are about to end, and hearts for showing friendship, there is a code represented by an icon or emoji for almost everything.

However, every user doesn’t have to know the meanings of all such codes correctly. One such code that has confused most users is the appearance of a Gray-colored X on Snapchat.

Commonly indicating a pending follow request or being blocked by the other person, you might be clueless if this symbol appears next to someone’s name when you text or snap.

In this blog, we have explained the meaning of the X symbol on Snapchat and how you can get rid of the same. If this article was useful to you, kindly let us know your feedback. Also, if there is anything else you would like to know about the topic, you can share your queries in the comments!!


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