How To Get Audible Student Discount?

Audible is a popular online service that is known for providing high-quality audiobooks and podcasts, which you can listen to from any device. If you happen to be a student, I know it would be quite hard to afford their monthly fee, and I suppose you are looking to find Audible student discount to save some money. If that’s the situation you are in right now, I may be able to help you out.

In this article, I’m going to tell If Audible has such an offer right now, plus I’m going to share some relevant info that might be helpful for you. Let’s get started.

Does Audible Give Student Discounts in 2024?

Yes, Audible does offer a student discount where you can get this audio streaming service for just $9.95 per month instead of the regular price of $15.99 per month for the Audible Premium Plus plan. Do not confuse this plan with the Audible Plus plan, which costs relatively less.

student discount for audible

This discount can be availed only by verifying yourself as a student. If you aren’t a student based in any of the 50 states of the United States, you won’t be eligible to claim this discount. If you don’t know how to claim this offer, let me show you the steps to get you that huge discount from Audible as a student.

How To Get Audible Student Discount?

Here’s how you can claim your huge discount as a student on Audible:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Audible via your mobile device or a PC.

official website of Audible

Step 2: Log in with your account details If you already have an existing account. If you don’t have an account on Audible, click on “Sign up” and then follow the on-screen instructions to create your free account.

Step 3: Once logged in to your account, tap on the “My Membership” option from the menu.

Step 4: Now, you have to click on the “Audible Student Discounts” option you see on the page and then select the plan you are planning to go with.

Step 5: After that, you’ll see the UNiDAYS page, where you’ll need to either create a new account or log in with your existing account.

Step 6: Now, you’ll have to wait for the confirmation email from UNiDAYS regarding the Audible student discount, which usually takes up to 72 hours. After receiving that, you’ll need to click on the “Verify Your Account” button in the email, and you’ll be able to complete the purchase of Audible at a discounted price.

purchase of Audible

You need to pay attention to detail in these steps to claim your huge discount on Audible. Also, you must be patient while waiting for the confirmation Email from UNiDAYS.

It’ll take anywhere between 48 hours to a maximum of 72 hours to get that Email. After receiving it, you need to verify your account, and then you can complete the purchase of Audible at a discounted price.

How Much Does Audible Plans Cost?

Here is an overview of the pricing and the plans of Audible available right now:

  1. Audible Plus: This plan will give you unlimited access to over 11,000 audiobooks, originals, sleep tracks, podcasts, and more. You can access these tracks on multiple devices like Android, iOS, and more.
  2. Audible Premium Plus: This plan includes everything from the Plus plan, but you’ll get more benefits with this one such as free credit to purchase an audiobook plus you’ll be able to access your audiobooks even offline.
Audible Plans Cost

Important Note: A credit on Audible is something that will let you buy any audiobook irrespective of the pricing and you’ll get 1 credit each month with Audible’s Premium Plans. With Audible’s yearly plan, you’ll get 12 credits in your account.

Is there any way to access Audible for free?

Yes, You can access Audible for free of cost by opting for the Audible Free Trial. With this offer, you can use the full features of this audio streaming service without paying anything and this offer lasts for 30 days.

I have recently talked about this offer in detail on our site, but If you want an overview of this offer, I’ll share it with you now.

How to Get an Audible Free Trial?

Follow these steps to claim your free trial of Audible:

  1. Visit the official website of Audible from your devices.
  2. Click on the “Try for $0” button from the home page.
  3. Login with an existing Amazon account or create a new Amazon account and then log in with your account details.
  4. You’ll be asked to enter your credit card details just to keep this one file.
  5. After entering all the details, your free trial of Audible will be started immediately.

For those who don’t know, you have to log in with Amazon account details on Audible because Audible is owned by Amazon itself. Also, there is no need to worry that you’ll have to enter your credit card details while signing up for the free trial of Audible. You will not be charged any fees while doing that. You can make full use of Audible’s both free and premium features for free of cost for 30 days.

If you don’t cancel your free trial before 30 days, then only you’ll be charged a fee; otherwise, there is no way Audible will deduct money from your credit card. If you need more information on this, I would recommend you read our detailed Audible Free Trial article, which you’ll get information quite useful for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Audible free with Amazon Prime?

No, Audible isn’t free with Amazon Prime because both of these services aren’t the same, even though the same parent company owns them.

What is the cheapest way to get an Audible subscription?

The cheapest way to get an Audible subscription is by opting for the Audible Plus plan, which costs only $7.95 monthly. If you want to get access to the Premium Plan of Audible at a cheap price, you can make use of the student discount, but you or someone in your home must have a valid student ID to avail of this offer.

What are the best alternatives for Audible?

Some of the best alternatives for Audible are BookBeat,, Libby, and Scribd.


As a student, Audiobooks and podcasts are helpful for your studies or to improve your general knowledge on any topic. Audible’s paid plans don’t come cheap, but the good thing is you can easily claim your audible student discount by following the steps I have talked about above. You can save around 30% with this method.

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