CrushOn AI Review: A No-Filter Character AI Alternative

Within the past two years, a multitude of AI chatbots has emerged, demonstrating their capabilities in tasks ranging from searching for information to creative writing and even generating images. Among these is CrushOn, an exceptional AI chatbot that offers users the opportunity to engage with a personalized chatbot for a more natural conversational experience.

In recent years, we have observed a remarkable evolution of artificial intelligence, transitioning it from a mere theoretical concept to a tangible reality. Yet, among the various areas of AI development, one domain has experienced unparalleled expansion: AI-powered chatbots.

These chatbot programs have undergone significant development, becoming adept at understanding and generating human-like responses almost instantaneously. CrushOn AI works on a similar principle; however, its working principle and target market are completely different. 

As we explore CrushOn AI, we’ll review its features and limitations and determine if that’s an AI platform you should spend your time on or give it a pass. 

What is CrushOn AI?

Continuing the AI chatbot legacy, CrushOn AI uses artificial intelligence to facilitate captivating and organic chat exchanges between users and fictional personas. The model has been trained to understand natural language and can respond accordingly. Apart from conversing, the platform also offers the freedom to create and express a character openly and creatively, fostering interactive and enjoyable engagements with virtual partners.

Within the website, you can explore a diverse range of AI characters and choose the one you wish to converse with. CrushOn AI allows users to have unfiltered discussions with characters spanning various categories, including games, anime, and popular figures. 

Notably, the platform stands out for its lack of filters or restrictions on NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content. This absence of censorship permits users to engage in personalized and NSFW interactions with AI chatbots, ensuring a more uninhibited experience.

CrushOn AI Features:

CrushOn AI is not much different than other popular casual AI chatbots. Here are some key features:

1. User-Friendly Interface:

CrushON AI features an intuitive and straightforward user interface, making it extremely easy to use without complicated setups, API integration, or third-party plugins. Just sign up, and you can swiftly begin browsing through various characters available for conversation. 

The dashboard provides direct access to all features, including the convenient search option. With a quick input of the desired category, multiple chatbots matching your preferences are instantly presented. Overall, the website works like a breeze, and navigating through the website is extremely easy and fast. We’ve experienced no lags or unexpected crashes like on some other platforms. 

Please be careful when accessing the CrushOn website, as the homepage may contain a heavy amount of NSFW content. Also, make sure that minors are not granted access to the website. 

2. Personalized Characters:

CrushOn AI allows users to create a character from the ground up. A wide range of customization options are available, which allow you to create a chatbot that aligns precisely with your preferences and will respond exactly how you want. Also, there are no limits! You can base a character on your favorite celebrity, cartoon character, or even something completely fictional. 

Users are prompted to provide multiple details that shape the personality and traits of the chatbot. The AI comprehends these inputs and generates responses accordingly, ensuring a tailored and engaging conversation experience.

3. Unfiltered Content:

For individuals looking for an adult-oriented chat experience, CrushOn is the perfect AI assistant. With no filters for adult content in place, users are granted the freedom to create or engage with NSFW characters, fostering a personal and sensual chatting experience without restrictions. Whether you harbor a fantasy of conversing with someone special or yearn for a unique interaction, CrushOn AI provides an avenue to fulfill these desires.  

4. Realistic Conversations:

The CrushOn AI language model possesses the ability to comprehend natural language, including the intentions, moods, and meanings conveyed by user inputs.

While it may not provide factual information like ChatGPT, it can help you engage in a lighthearted conversation with an AI crush or profound discussions with an AI-based public figure. To enhance your experience, there are three language models available – Classical CrushON AI LLM, Llama2 – 13B, and Chronos-Hermes13B.

5. Community Features:

CrushOn has fostered a dynamic user community that seeks captivating and unique encounters with AI chatbots. You can connect with fellow CrushOn users and share your experiences/feedback across various platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, and Discord.

How to Use CrushOn AI?

Using CrushOn AI is straightforward. In contrast to Janitor AI, there is no requirement to manually integrate APIs since everything is already included in the default plan.

1. Sign Up:

    • Click on the Sign In option, located at the top-right corner of the screen. 
    • You can directly Sign in to CrushOn AI using your Google or Discord account credentials.
    • If you want to use an alternate email, type it in the box below and click on Email
    • A verification code will be sent to your email ID. Confirm it, and you can start using CrushOn. 

2. Create A character:

Upon confirming your email, you will be directed to the dashboard, where you can carry out various tasks like searching for a character, creating your character, viewing your favorite characters, modifying your plan, and more.

There are two ways to generate an AI character. You can upload a JASON file to import your character from Tavern AI or create a character from scratch. 

To create a character, take the following steps:

    • Select a name for your character and upload a profile picture that best represents them.

    • Compose a greeting message, which will be the first message users see when they interact with your character.
    • Write a brief description of your character, drawing inspiration from your favorite person or creating a completely fictional persona.

    • In the next column, provide detailed information about your character, including their personality, habits, likes, dislikes, profession, and more. The more information you provide, the more tailored responses the chatbot will generate.
    • Choose the visibility status from the available options. Making your character public can help increase popularity and earn CrushOn coins.
    • Select a category for your character from the provided options (e.g., NSFW, Assistant, Celebrity, Animation, Game, vTuber, Movies).
    • Use appropriate tags to ensure your character is listed in the appropriate search category.

  • Include a few sample conversations and provide some background information about your character. This will help AI generate responses that align with your character’s style.

    • Click on Create and Chat!

3. Start Conversing:

Engaging in a conversation on CrushOn AI is incredibly simple. Here are the available options:

    • Access the Search option from the left menu by clicking on it.
    • Type your preference, such as games, anime, science, romance, etc., into the search box.
    • Click the Search button to initiate the search.

    • Select the desired Character you wish to converse with and begin the conversation.
    • You can click on the 3-dot icon and select Chat Settings to change the language model. 

What is CrushOn Coins?

CrushOn Coin is a virtual currency specifically created to recognize and incentivize your involvement and active participation within the platform. It is important to note that CrushOn Coin has no monetary value beyond the confines of the platform and is exclusively intended for rewards and benefits within the platform. 

You have the option to redeem Crush Coins for message credits, such as exchanging 100 coins for 100 message credits, 450 coins for 500 message credits, and so forth. Furthermore, the developers are currently devising methods to enable the redemption of CrushOn coins for in-platform benefits, such as permanent message quotas.

There are a few ways you can earn CrushOn Coins:

    • Every time you sign in, you receive CrushOn coins as a login reward. You can increase your coins by logging in daily. 
    • Invite your friends to join CrushOn, and when they create characters, both you and your friend will be rewarded with CrushOn coins as a token of gratitude.
    • Create engaging and fun characters, and you will get rewarded with CrushOn coins for each character you make. 

How Much Does CrushOn AI Cost?

CrushOn AI has four plans – Free, Standard, Premium, and Deluxe. Here are the details:

Free$0/month Standard$5.9/month $58.8/year Premium$14.9/month $94.8/year Deluxe$49.9/month $358.8/year
50 messages /month 2000 messages /month 6000 messages/month Unlimited
7 days memory Limited Memory Good Memory Maximum memory
Shared chat capacity Dedicated chat capacity with basic priority Medium priority and dedicated chat capacity High priority and dedicated chat capacity
Custom characters Custom characters Custom characters Custom characters
Access community characters Access community characters Access to community characters Access to community characters

What do I like about CrushOn AI?

Here are the things I enjoyed while using CrushOn AI:

    • CrushOn is a fun platform to enjoy your leisure time and participate in diverse conversations with a variety of personalities. If you enjoy interacting with new people, you’ll love it.
    • The user interface is highly responsive, and navigating through the platform is extremely simple.
    • NSFW content is unrestricted on the platform, so if you enjoy those sorts of candid exchanges, you should try it. 
    • The free account offers a comprehensive overview of the platform, allowing you to freely test it before considering a premium plan.

What I Don’t Like about CrushOn AI?

Similar to numerous other emerging AI chatbots in the same category, CrushOn AI possesses notable shortcomings.

    • The website is flooded with sexual content, making it highly inappropriate for general users. 
    • The absence of an NSFW filter is the biggest concern, as most of the characters are solely involved in adult-oriented content.
    • There is no practical use of CrushOn AI as it cannot provide factual information. Attempts to ask questions were met with dismissive responses or laughter from the chatbot. I tried to ask some questions, but the chatbot laughed and brushed them aside. 
    • CrushOn AI collects a substantial amount of user data, including personal information and user inputs. Given the nature of the platform, it raises safety concerns. It is advisable to use a throwaway email account rather than your primary one for registration.


1. Is CrushON AI Safe to Use?

As long as you don’t provide your original email ID, the platform is safe to use. Also, avoid sharing personal information during conversations with the bot, as the company may collect such data for model training purposes.

2. Is CrushOn AI a good Character AI alternative?

In terms of quality, Character AI chat is superior. However, CrushAI has better customization options for characters, but the unrestricted NSFW content sometimes makes it highly unusable. Yes, using CrushOn AI is completely legal as it does not violate any laws. However, it is worth noting that in certain countries, using a platform like this may lead to legal issues.

4. What are the other websites like CrushON AI?

Kupid AI is the best CrushON AI alternative in terms of NSFW content and output quality.

5. Is CrushOn AI free?

Yes, there is a CrushOn AI free plan available, but you can only send 50 messages per month.


CrushOn AI is not a typical generative language Chatbot where you can retrieve information and accomplish some tasks. Instead, you can think of it as your personal ChatGPT without factual information, providing an engaging and immersive experience.

The platform encourages open conversation and allows you to unleash your creativity through characters. Whether you desire interaction with a fictional character or wish to engage with an AI crush, sign in and embrace this distinctive and enjoyable encounter.

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