What is Unstable Diffusion? Everything You Need To Know

As the popularity of AI is rapidly increasing almost every day, developers are releasing new AI regularly. One of the newest AI tools made available to the public recently is Unstable Diffusion. If you don’t know what unstable diffusion is, you’ll get to know everything about this powerful AI tool in this quick post.

Continue reading this article till the end, and you’ll get to know what this AI tool is all about and how you can use it today. Without wasting any time, let’s get started.

unstability ai diffusion

What is Unstable Diffusion?

Unstable diffusion is a powerful AI image generation tool that uses the technique called “Diffusion Modeling” to generate AI images in just a couple of minutes. This AI tool is powered by a neural network architecture known as PixelCNN++. It is quite different than stable diffusion, and you’ll know why in just a minute.

As the name of the tool itself suggests, you’ll be able to generate images with this AI tool, which could have a lot of noise and would be unrefined; however, you can generate any type of image via this AI tool with your creativity and imagination.

Using unstable diffusion to generate any image is free of cost. If you are an artist or a creative designer, you will surely love the quality of art and images you’ll be generating with unstable diffusion AI. Whether you want to create a unique background picture for your social media profiles or stunning images of your dream house, you can do all these things with unstable diffusion AI.

1. Key Features

Here are the key features of Unstable Diffusion:

  1. This AI model has been trained with over 100 million images.
  2. It can generate any image from art to cartoons and realistic.
  3. The tool can be accessed via any web browser without installing any app.
  4. Using this tool is free of cost and can be accessed by anyone without paying a fee.
  5. This is an open-source tool.
  6. Tweak images as per your preferences easily.

Apart from these major features, you’ll be able to find a lot of hidden features once you start using this powerful AI tool to generate amazing images just by entering a few words.

Some people aren’t sure what is the difference between stable diffusion and unstable diffusion and If you happen to be one of them, let me clear this doubt for you quickly.

2. Is unstable diffusion free?

Yes. Using Unstable Diffusion is free of charge however, there are some restrictions with the free version which you must be aware of. For example, the free offers you only 100 slow credits, and If you want more credits and extra features, you’ll have to opt for any of their paid plans.

Unstable Diffusion Plan and Pricing

Here are the plans for Unstable Diffusion:

  1. Basic ($14.99/ month): This plan allows you to have 150 slow credits per day and 1000 fast credits per month. However, you can’t use this plan If you want to use the materials for commercial purposes.
  2. Premium ($29.99/ month): This plan doesn’t have any limitations on slow credits and you’ll get 3000 fast credits each month. Unlike the basic plan, you can use the generated images for commercial use too.
  3. Pro ($59.99/ month): This plan doesn’t have any limitations on slow credits and you’ll be getting around 6000 fast credits per month. You can give 6 simultaneous requests with this one plus you can use the generated images for commercial use.
unstability Diffusion Plan

You can pick any plan that suits your budget and requirements.

How to use Unstable Diffusion?

Here’s how to use Unstable Diffusion:

1: Visit the website of Unstable Diffusion from any web browser.

2: Click on the “Start Imagining For Free” option from the home page.

unstability Diffusion homepage

3: Now, either click on the Google option or Discord to create a new account on this platform.

unstability login

4: Once, you are logged in after creating your new account, you have to enter the prompt on the left side.

You’ll have a lot of options while entering the prompt such as genre of image (Digital art, Photo, Anime, Generalist), Aspect ratio, number of images, and Generation speed. Apart from that, you can also set what to exclude from the results.

Here is an example for you.

unstability generated imag

You can tweak the prompts until you get the desired result for you from this AI tool.

Stable Diffusion Vs Unstable Diffusion: What’s The Difference?

Here are the major differences between Stable Diffusion and Unstable Diffusion:

  • Stable Diffusion: With this AI technology, you can generate fine-tuned images of high quality just by entering the right keywords which would be more stable and may seem like a realistic image. If are looking for a professional AI tool that can deliver high-quality images, then this might be the right fit for you. The creators behind this AI are StabilityAI. They are experts in this niche who have done similar works in the past. You can expect very little to no issues while using this AI technology.
  • Unstable Diffusion: This AI technology is an experimental one and it is highly unlikely that you can generate high-quality and refined images and art. Even though Unstable Diffusion might not deliver fine-tuned images like the Stable Diffusion, you can generate random images just from your imagination. Like people walking on the moon, living a life in Jupiter, etc. This AI tool is developed by a site called “Unstability.ai” and they guys aren’t the same ones behind the Stable Diffusion. Do not confuse yourself that both tools are made by the same set of teams.

As you can see both Stable and Unstable Diffusion AIs have different purposes. One is meant to be used for professional use whereas the other one is meant for experimental purposes.

Best Alternatives For Unstable Diffusion

In case If you didn’t like Unstable Diffusion for some reason, then here are some of the best alternatives you can consider using:

  • DALL-E 2: This tool was created by OpenAI, the company behind the most popular chatbot in the world, ChatGPT. You can use DALL-E 2 to generate excellent images with the right prompts. It had a free trial initially but the company removed that offer and now, in order to use this AI image generator, you have to purchase some credits.
  • WOMBO Dream: This is yet another great AI image generator that you can replace with Unstable Diffusion. The basic version of this AI tool is free of charge however, to use the premium features, you have to pay for its premium plan.

Frequently asked questions:

Is Unstable Diffusion Illegal?

Unstable Diffusion is pretty much legal as long as you don’t use it for any illegal activities. Doing such things will get you banned from this platform and you won’t be able to access anything.

Is there anything better than Stable Diffusion?

Yes, there are many great alternatives available for Stable Diffusion such as Midjourney, RunDiffusion, DALL-E, Microsoft Bing Image Creator, CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pre-Training), and more.

Who is the CEO of Unstable Diffusion?

The CEO of Unstable Diffusion is Arman Chaudhry who is a resident of New Jersey, United States.


If you like to generate amazing images with popular AI tools in your leisure time, you are surely going to love Unstable AI. It might not be as perfect as the Stable Diffusion but you can play with this one to generate unique images which a lot of AI tools aren’t capable of. The best part is, it offers a free version that is more than enough for most people.

I hope you may have understood what Unstable A Iis all about in this post. If you have any other questions related to this topic, do let me know in the comments and I’ll get back to you soon. Thank You.


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